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Hamas Supporters In Austin Sow Hate For Israel At Nakba 2021

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

May 15, 2021 Austin, Texas

On the south Capitol steps of Austin, Texas, a coalition of Revolutionary Jihadis and Marxists raised their voices at the 73rd Annual Nakba event. The turnout was stunning with a few hundred in attendance. "Free, free, free, Palestine" and "Israel, Israel you can't hide, we charge you with genocide", roared from the crowd for hours.

Hundreds gathered as nervous bike police kept the crowd mostly off the street.

Handmade signs, banners and flags peppered the scene and socialist organizations brought propaganda in a showing of "solidarity" with Palestinians. Muslims, Communists, Chinese Nationals, Students and Socialists packed the area. Organizers cried out against Israeli occupation and oppression.

Proletarian speakers declared all must join the Socialist Revolution and break U.S. capitalist imperialism in true Marxist Leninist worship. "Intifada, intifada, long live the intifada."

Young coalition organizers chant "Gaza, Gaza, don't you cry, Palestine will never die!"

During one brief pause, a lone voice belted "Free yourself from Hamas!"

However, none denounced Hamas. In fact, some dressed like Hamas fighters.

The 2900 rockets fired by Hamas militants by Saturday into Israel were "justified", they shouted. "Israel's military response is only to murder innocent children!" Historically, while Israel provides a series of warnings for citizens to evacuate, Hamas use women and children as shields during Islamic Jihad. Yet, Nakba attendees disingenuously deny any Hamas wrongdoing.

"Israel has a right to defend itself" stated President Biden. The decades-old conflict shows zero promise of resolution.

With the close of Ramadan and Al-Quds Day, Austin Palestinians declared "One solution, Revolution!"

A small group of young Jewish men trolled by in a truck waving Israeli flags and were pelted with water bottles. "They have tanks, we have rocks" chanted the crowd.

"Hey, F**k You"

Angry-faced parents with little children dressed up like Hamas fighters wearing headbands pointed at these Jewish men and spoke words of hate to their children. Other children responded by kicking their feet and shaking their fists. Many children far too young to understand also held signs.

One of the young men flashed peace signs amidst some of the heckling back and forth. DPS stood with their hands folded in a protective and de-escalating field position around these five, their eyes focused on the angry crowd. The usual riot police and drones were not deployed.

"Pig Dogs"

Jews and Christians kept their distance. One woman shouted "If you want to be free from oppression, remove your mask"!

Mask removal not likely to occur with Sharia compliant females.


The event was supported by revolutionary communist organizations Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Austin's Liberation Coalition. See this shocking video teaser by Trevor Loudon on FRSO "one of the most dangerous Communist organizations who work on the streets". See the full video on

Understanding The Threat published "The Takedown of Texas". The e-book takes a deep dive into the Marxist/Jihadi Cabal alive and well in the Great State of Texas. UTT is at the forefront of education and training for frontline countering of Marxist and Jihadi movements at the local level. UTT's resources and training are excellent and provide accurate information on the subversive nature of these groups, their agendas, their unrestricted warfare, ground game operations on our soil, and their machinations to take down this country from within.

Members of CAIR Austin were seen in the crowd. Read UTT's publication - CAIR is HAMAS HERE.

Jihadis and Marxists Align on Messaging

Things got heated when Austin Facebook live streamer "Hiram Gilberto" was recognized by the Marxist organizers who proceeded to tell the crowd he was a heckler. The crowd suddenly turned on him. Hiram claims he was assaulted. Hiram has been repeatedly assaulted in 2020 by the local Communist groups in Austin who have broken and stolen his equipment and put him in the hospital. Hiram filmed the shooting of Garrett Foster in the summer of 2020 during Austin Black Lives Matter protests led by local Maoist Red Guard front group, The Mike Ramos Brigade. See article here:

Chinese nationalists, Marxists and Palestinians angrily turn on the journalist to oust him from the scene. "Get out of here Hiram, you don't stand for s**t"!

"You're in the wrong place man", said this young Palestinian aggressor.

Only one Austin news station posted a brief story on the event. These were the scenes not shown on the local news:

"Death to Israel"

Families with children in attendance were subject to this messaging.

Has this masked young lady studied the Palestinian/Israeli conflict history?

Hamas Supporters and Jew Haters in Training

Same aggressor exhibiting a lack of impulse control.

Young activist peacefully protesting yet calling for the destruction of Israel.


This video brings us in the middle of a passionate triangle of clashing narratives. "Free, free Palestine" is heard over the barrage of signs pointed at the young men standing for Israel.

A Christian couple at the Capitol for an unrelated event played a beautiful Christian contempary song of peace (see video) ~ "I Raise A Hallelujah" "in the presence of my enemy" and drowned the angry shouts. Ironically, the lyrics rang out - "I will watch the darkness flee", as the crowd of Hamas terror apologists left the area.

The Jewish men are heard to say "From the river to the sea is the ethnic cleansing of the Jews", and "how sad". The pain in his face was clear as he flashed a peace sign. I will always remember this moment.


There are numerous national security experts and source information on Hamas and Islamic Jihad.


Weighing in on the escalating Hamas conflict is intelligence expert Clare Lopez who can be seen in this recent video and found on Twitter. Follow Clare for her analysis and commentary on global Islamic Jihad movements, strategy, and politics.


This year's Ramadan produced 161 Islamic attacks in 21 countries in which 841 people were killed and 1583 injured (2424 Dead/Injured). Total Jihadi attacks so far for 2021 is 812 in 38 countries with 3965 dead and 3629 injured.

"The West must awaken to the fact that it is facing nothing less than the resurgence of the greatest war machine in world history: an ideology that holds the killing of others, the plundering of their wealth, the conquering of their lands, the enslavement of their people, and the destruction of their institutions to be among the highest virtues and stepping stones to salvation! Islam, while it continues to lack a centralized political structure, is nonetheless reacquiring the means of war that it has used to such deadly effect in the past.” Greg Davis, Religion of Peace

It is Because They Hate ~ Brigitte Gabriel

Author's Note: Nationwide, Nakba is a hate Israel antisemitic rant. Some screamed, threw water bottles, waived signs that said "Death to Israel", and in ganglike fashion harassed and assaulted an independent journalist. They complained of the U.S. funding Israel, but were silent on the U.S. aid to Palestine. Silent on Hamas terrorism. They live in the greatest country on earth and yet advocate for Islamofascist and Marxist control. Communist and Islamic systems wreak havoc and destruction and those countries who have been left in the wake of Jihad reflect that failure. The United States will never be made better by destroying our founding documents and adopting totalitarianism.

Find a way to peace.


Thank you to the contributor sources for the selfless sacrifices you make to "put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs" and "hunt the enemy others pretend does not exist". #shariakills

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Sahar Dika
Sahar Dika
03 de jun. de 2022

This entire article is so laughable, it may as well have been written for The Onion.


What a ridiculous article. There is no effort to even understand what the free palestine activists want or what they believe, merely efforts to portray them as violent. Palestine is being illegally occupied by the State of Israel. Palestinians live under apartheid rule where their freedom of movement is restricted, along with the right to self-determination. Israel is literally a settler-state that is engaging in war crimes, and its existence is propped up by the United States to such an extent that the U.S. doesn't simply see fit to give them money and guns but also to demand of its own public officials an oath to never speak out against the State of Israel ... in the United States. See…


18 de mai. de 2021

PS: I know the individual that captured Carlos the was not the French, he was captured by a CIA/Special Forces Soldier from the US, but had to abdicate to the French (so they could take credit). He also shadowed OBL during his time in the Sudan and requested to take out OBL on multiple occasions only to be denied by the WH at that time. We bring much of our misery on ourselves by inaction.


18 de mai. de 2021

Apparently they are in full support of the Iranian Proxy War using Hamas and Hezbollah as their stooges and the innocent Palestinian people as their shields in that battle. Of course that protest would have been nothing without a bunch of white liberals. And the utter hypocrisy of their "marxism" and "socialism" calls. Nice to see that they buy their Keffiyeh scarves no doubt sold by some capitalist preying on the useful idiots (funny as hell if that capitalist were Jewish) and the big pack of water bottles from that big store of capitalism - Costco. Sadly seeing young kids at these events is disturbing as they will never understand the concept of Critical Thought with parents like theirs.

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