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The Refugee Resettlement Program-The Modern American Conveyor Belt for Islamic Stealth Jihad

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

June 11, 2019


American people are starting to wake up and investigate how large numbers of people from third world and Middle Eastern countries are being shuttled around the country, and have invaded our borders at a massive scale.  We have been watching Africa empty out into Europe. We have seen Syria empty out, and now the US is seeing its borders overflowing with invaders from Latin America and from the Middle East.

Why is the US immigrating large numbers of migrants under the cover of night? How is it being done; and now that our border is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people from third world countries, how will the US absorb all these people?  This has forever changed our nation. Are you ready?

A federal program, the Refugee Resettlement Program began in 1980. Ann Corcoran, the founder of Refugee Resettlement Watch has dedicated herself to extensive research into this program when her small rural community was suddenly infiltrated with migrants so as to overwhelm its unprepared systems and native citizens. Corcoran learned that the UN High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) selects most of the refugees that come to the US. This Agency is under the direction and influence of a powerful Muslim Supremacy group, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the "OIC".

The refugees are coming from countries with large numbers of Muslim populations that hate us including Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria and more. Muslim majority Islamic nations. The US State Department then distributes the refugees to nine major federal contractors, six of which are "religious charities" all of which are largely funded by the US Treasury.

1. The Church World Service (CWS).

2. The Ethiopian Community Development Council.

3. The Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM).

4. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).

5. International Rescue Committee (IRC).

6. US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI).

7. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS).

8. United States conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

9. World Relief Corporation (WRC).

The $1 billion dollar price tag (as of 2015) for the resettlement does not include the extensive welfare benefits the refugees receive.

The refugees are then sent out over the cities and towns where the 9 contractors support over 350 subcontractors. The refugees receive help from the subcontractors for up to six months and the subcontractors then submit paperwork to admit the relatives of the first group.

It is no doubt alarming that there is a very large number of problematic Muslim refugees coming in through this program. We already have huge problems with Somali migrants. Somali Congresswoman and Islamist Ilhan Omar's district is labeled the "terrorist recruiting center" of the US. Baltimore and other areas are seeing terrible street gangs and the violence is starting to mirror that of Europe's migrant and rape gang crime wave that is on an industrial scale over there. African migrants in Australia, Sweden, France, Germany and Britain, have brought fantastic and unimaginable crime, non-assimilation, and cultural crime against women due to Islamic supremacist ideology.

However, Islamism in the Congo is a minority. Most Congolese are not Islamic. Could Texas be getting this particular group due to Governor Abbott pulling out of the Refugee Resettlement Program based on poor vetting of migrants from Islamic countries harboring terrorists such as Syria?

In 2018 7,878 refugees from the Congo were admitted to the US with Texas receiving the largest number at 1,692. There were over 9,000 in 2017 resettled in US with Texas again receiving the largest number. 


San Antonio, at the time of writing this article is receiving "hundreds" more and are currently stranded at an overflowing facility with more on the way.

But What About the Christians Being Slaughtered?

With the OIC in charge, it is easy to see why the Catholic and Lutheran Charities aren't servicing Christians, the largest group of persecuted individuals. Does it not at all register that Islamists slaughter Christians on a daily basis? Historians are now saying that never before in our entire history have Christians been slaughtered on the level that it is right now. Everywhere, churches are being burned or bought out and replaced with Mega Mosques. Yes, this is happening in our lifetime.


Christianity is being erased.  Here in the US and in other democratic countries it is being shunned, demonized,  or otherwise replaced, whatever serves Islam. It is not in the interest of the OIC, a 57 Muslim nation member subgroup of the UN, to help the Christians who won't convert.  It IS in the interest of the OIC to flood Europe and the US with Muslims. It is also in their interest to inflict anti-blasphemy laws (Islamophobia) to help perpetuate the victim stance which is a part of the plan in conquering other nations. They must stop the criticism of Islam as a first step to establish their supremacy.  The US narrowly escaped this affliction as Hilary Clinton had agreed to sign off on this deal had she been elected. Obama talked about not offending the Muslims with criticism. Bush said that Islam was a religion of peace right after 911. 

This entire plan of invasion is termed "stealth jihad". According to the Clarion Project, what the world is undergoing at this time is The Third Jihad.  Muslims integrate but they do not assimilate. They form cities within cites and initiate Sharia-Islamic Law. This has not been so easy in the US but is successful in Europe. 

Since Obama's presidency, here in the US, Mosques are swiftly springing up all over the US to accommodate the growing population. In Europe the colonization is significantly advanced. This process of Muslim colonization is called The Hijra. The Prophet Muhammad obligated his followers to migrate and spread Islam in order to dominate all the lands of the world.

The Third Jihad is happening. The US is the crown jewel and the Hijra is being funded by the OIC/UN, and installed by the US State Department, and the Christian and Jewish groups assigned to help on the local community levels. Our tax dollars are paying for this jihad. No wonder they laugh at us. Religious exemption status, refugee status, welfare status. What they want though, is special class protection status. 

What comes next? Victim-hood is claimed with the help of numerous agencies such as ICNA, ISNA, the Muslims of America, the Muslim Student Association for starters, and the CAIR Islamophobia campaign.  Muslims in record numbers now are running for office and winning.  Ilhan Omar, our first sitting congresswoman from Somalia who wears the black hijab signifying her status in Islam, her submission to Allah, and her devotion to the obligation of furthering the cause of Islam and the Sharia. It is an incredible victory out and proud.  I think you can see the picture of how it works.

Islam is always the same and right now in the US, they are growing the population right along schedule and according to a tried and true ground domination plan. 

Ilhan Omar was successfully elected through stealth immigration jihad of over 100,000 Somalis during the Sharia compliant Obama presidency. It worked. We have immigrated over 100,000 Iraqis. Canada now has large populations of Syrians where we have no border at all, and Canada is also advancing down the timeline of the Explanatory Memorandum for the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America.   The UN/OIC's sights are on the US for as many Muslims as we will take in, and/or through invasion. It does not matter to the OIC. This is about Islamic world domination. It is no wonder President Trump initiated an immigration ban the minute he set foot in office.

These individuals currently flooding into our lands cannot be properly screened. The Hijra is coming in through Latin America. People are coming in from Africa in large numbers with the Refugee Resettlement workers settling them at night so that the sleeping American public has no clue who or how many are coming in. With the flooding of the US from the Mexico border, can the average American bleeding heart female feeling sorry for these "migrants" honestly say she can tell the difference between Manuel and Muhammad? Does the average oblivious female have any clue the oppressive culture coming this way?

We cannot have open arms to a culture that is opposed to our culture and thinks itself superior. They are here to dominate. They are winning. The US is being conquered by Islamofascists.

"Over time the Hijrah will be more devastating to this country than any terror attack can ever be". (Ann Corcoran Refugee Resettlement Watch) Ann gives us an update on You Tube on the Refugee Resettlement in the Age of Trump and Beyond from 2018 with her expert commentary and up to date information.

Wake up America. We are forever changed. The stealth migration is in full swing and the Hijra successful. Thousands more from Africa have just landed in Texas with nowhere to go because Oregon said "Please no more". Are they all Congolese?  No they are not.

Educate yourself. Learn about Islam.

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