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I am a lifelong musican and an audio engineer. I have writen many film scores and produced post audio film production sound from field captures through final master. I specialized in horror. My heart and sole is Celtic music and I released two records on CD Baby. Most of my songwriting centered around old world soldiers and battles. Later, I wrote numerous pieces for MTV. I have mixed and colaborated with world class talent. I trained at Berklee and elsewhere. It has been an amazing ride. Now that I am older, I am using my skills and my voice for other ventures.  I hope you enjoy my work.


Music & Sound Design

I studied audio at Berklee and nailed it! This reel is a compilation of music and sound I did for several horror films as well as a documentary called WTF where I brought together some of the top notable American musicians.  I have had the privilege of working with numerous Grammy winning artists and headlining act musicians. Mixing and mastering is an amazing art. Horror sound creation is one of the most creative places there is to be.

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