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Domestic Terror Threat Assessment

A Study In Threat Assessment

In January 2020, The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Fusion Center Released a Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment which focused on white supremacy.  The Blog Article sets up the who, what, when, where and why for this report page. It's an important read.  See the Blog Article Here:

A thorough review of the DPS Report revealed many remarks, theories and statements of fact that can be disputed, argued and debunked.

A Reply Brief and Exhibit are published here as well as the DPS Threat Assessment itself. Is the Fusion Center publishing a white supremacy narrative for political purposes or is the report poorly researched and written? You be the judge.


2020 Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment Report

The Fusion Center system of terrorism threat assessment in the United States has met with much controversy since its formation after 911. Fusion Centers collect data and conduct surveillance and analysis on perceived and real threats to the homeland.

As shown in the Mulligan Stew of White Supremacy Blog Post many books, articles and videos have been published on Fusion Center activities by their watchdogs. Lawsuits have been brought on their activities.

The Texas 2020 Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment claims that white racially motivated crime is the most active threat in the United States. Current and historical events and statistics debunk this theory. 

Experts and scholars on policing and black on black crime collectively debunk the Fusion Center's conclusions in their 2020 Report. 


Debunking The 2020 Report

A line by line study reveals where the 2020 Threat Assessment went horribly wrong, and the many questions that should be answered. Why did the Fusion Center conclude that white racially motivated crime was the most prominent and active threat when statistics, historical and current evidence overwhelmingly prove otherwise?

Was the Report politically motivated? It does appear aligned with the current weaponized narrative against whites being pushed by Democrats, Black Separatists and the Main Stream Media. 


To The Reply Brief

This is what the Fusion Center left out of its report. Why would the Fusion Center omit this mountain of evidence?

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