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Help Fund Our New 501(c)3

May 2021 Campaign - Begins!

Since November 2020 we have been building a new "Internet Platform Eco System". We are close to launching our first website - The Centrist Project, a 501(c)3.  There are 3 sister internet properties being designed for hosting educational events, informational publishing, and media content.

Our mission is for stronger independent journalism and effective strategies that counter corruption, destructive narratives, and disinformation. We are forming coalitions to foster bi-partisan dialog, build safe communities, and promote liberty. We will educate and prepare our youth through critical thinking and learning programs, and provide creative opportunties in the tech sector.

Our work is absolutely necessary to forge a pathway through the chaos and into clarity.  Our team of established professionals are committed to the mission. If you like our investigative journalism so far, please help us move forward by making a tax deductible donation today. You won't be disappointed. 

Our initial goal is $6,000 to complete our infrastructure, security, and our content strategy.  Work with us. Help us help our great USA and together we will make big things happen!

Visit our website at

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