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Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Tiny Texas Terrorist or Big Victim?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Lauren Comele Morris

September 23, 2021


"Let. Her. Go"! "Eighteen Years is Enough"! "Allahu Akbar"!

On Saturday, September 18, 2021 at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, verified terrorist organizations, terror tied individuals with shady reputations, former unindicted co-conspirators in terror funding trials, and a crowd of supporters rallied in sweltering heat to support a convicted international terrorist, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. "The Daughter of Pakistan", a diminuitive female prisoner, is one of the most dangerous women in the world, and identified as a high-level al-Qaeda operative by her own associates.

Siddiqui's story is espionage filmmaking gold. It is rife with mystery, terrorism, court room drama, life in prison, fame, and exploitation. Siddiqui's supporters claim that she is an innocent victim of the war on terror; that she was kidnapped, held captive for years, tortured and raped. Yet at her trial in New York, Siddiqui made statements of admission regarding the evidence Afghan police found on her in 2008 that ultimately led to a terror enchancement of her sentence. She was the only woman at the time on the FBI's most wanted list, and the trial received international attention. The, Attorney General John Ashcroft identified Siddiqui as one of the seven most wanted Al Qaeda fugitives. Her supporters seem to have selective memory and are criticized for exploting Siddiqui for their own personal gain. The Pakistani Consulate does not endorse their efforts. So who is Aafia Siddiqui and who are her champions? We attended the event and this is what we found:

Jihadi for Allah, or Victim of the War on Terror?

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is a Sharia compliant Muslim. She was a brilliant neuroscience student who graduated the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a BS in Biology, and received a Ph.D from Brandeis University in cognitive neuroscience. She was a wife and mother, a Muslim Student Association (MSA) member, and activist devoted to furthering the cause of Islam. As an MSA activist, she volunteered with the Al Kifah Refugee Center that was founded by Osama bin Laden's mentor, Abdullah Yusuf Azzam. Azzam was a militant scholar who was known for teaching defensive Jihad. He was killed in 1989. The Brooklyn, New York Center operated as a recruiting and funding platform assisting the nucleus of the Al Qaeda operation. Siddiqui is known to have met other devoted jihadists and was herself a prominent instructor and jihad facilitator from her student days.

Siddiqui was directly linked to al-Qaeda by multiple relationships and multiple circumstances. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the titled "9/11 principal architect" and a senior al-Qaeda member, gave Aafia up during waterboarding interrogation as a high-level operative. Khalid told interrogators that Siddiqui was to assist other al-Qaeda operatives as they entered the United States including Majid Khan, for whom she rented a P.O. Box. Khan was arrested in 2003 for bomb plots in the Baltimore area and various East Coast gas stations. A key to the P.O. Box rented by Siddiqui was found in convicted al-Qaeda terrorist Uzair Paracha's residence. Paracha was convicted of providing material support to al Qaeda and sentenced to 30 years. (Thomas Joscelyn, Sr. Fellow for Defense of Democracies and Sr. Editor for FDD's Long War Journal, September 24, 2010).

In her University days, Siddiqui spoke on the role of Muslim women in Islam as being one of equality, liberty, and superior to western values and western women (a significant delusion to the reality of subdued women whose brutalization is sanctioned under Islamic Law - Sharia). After schooling, Siddiqui devoted herself to her family; and strict adherence to and propagation of Islam, as opposed to working in the science field. Siddiqui's ex-husband and father of her three children, Dr. Muhammad Amjad Khan stated that Aafia was obsessed with jihad when they were married. Siddiqui's marriage to Khan was arranged and the couple married over the phone in 1995. Khan became suspicious of her activities and associations when she came under surveillance of the US authorities post 9/11. Conceding to his wife's fears and demands to move to Afghanistan for protection, the family moved to Pakistan. In 2002, Khan divorced Siddiqui due to her radical activities and increasing associations with extremists, and her abusive behavior.

Continuing with her al Qaeda connections, in 2003, Siddiqui re-married Khalid's nephew, Ammar al-Baluchi, (a Guantanamo Bay detainee) who directed her activities. Ammar, a computer technician who is known as KSM's Key Lieutenant was intimately involved in the 9/11 plot, al-Qaeda's attempts to launch bombings on American soil in 2002 and 2003, and a plot against the US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. Ammar is also the cousin of Ramzi Yousef who was convicted for the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and other acts of international terrorism.

Aafia and her three children abruptly disappeared in 2003 and went missing for the next five years. Her family never reported her missing. In 2004, the UN identified her as an al-Qaeda operative and an unindicted co-conspirator in another conspiracy case. (Pakistani Supreme Court Attorney Dawood Ghazanavi )

As numerous arrests of militants and Al Qaeda operatives close to Siddiqui ensued in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Siddiqui was reported to be on the run until 2008 when she was stopped by Afghan police. A search found the biologist/neuroscientist with a handbag of documents detailing chemical weapons, a thumb drive, radiological agents, notes and documents on mass casualty attacks on major US East Coast targets, materials on making dirty bombs and other explosives, training and recruitment materials, jihadi cells information, and maps of Ghazni, a town south of Kabul, Afghanistan. Siddiqui was also in possession of chemical substances in various jars and two pounds of sodium cyanide. (Thomas Joscelyn, FDD's Long War Journal, September 24, 2010).


Then, in 2008, when Siddiqui was waiting to be questioned by U.S. federal agents who were attempting to take her into custody, she reportedly seized an M-4 rifle and pointed it at the officers - opening fire but not hitting any of the officers. Officers returned handgun fire and shot her in the abdomen. Aafia was treated at the US prison at Bagram, Afghanistan and then transferred to the United States to stand trial on two counts of attempted murder, armed assault, using and carrying a firearm, and three counts of assault on US officers or employees.

Siddiqui claimed that she was captured, tortured, and repeatedly raped for years at Bagram prior to her 2008 arrest and shooting event. Unlike her associates who underwent enhanced interrogation and provided details of the same, Aafia could not provide any torture details. She also claimed her children were murdered, although reports on her children remain speculative and conflicted. Aafia's supporters claim that she is too tiny of a woman and was in an emaciated state to lift an M-4 (average 8lbs) and there was no residue found on her proving she ever fired a shot. Her first ex-husband disputes these claims as propaganda including a photo of Aafia which he states was actually from a violent altercation when they were married.

Diagnosed with PTSD and depression by court approved psychiatrists and medicated for months, Aafia was eventually determined competent enough to stand trial in New York. Claims were made by some of the treating providers that Siddiqui was capable of and did fake her mental illness. Throughout the trial, Siddiqui was combative, subject to explosive outbursts, and generally displayed a non-compliant, defiant nature with the Court and her attorneys. She demanded the removal of all Jews from her team of attorneys and the jury.

On February 3, 2010, Dr. Siddiqui was convicted and sentenced to 86 years in prison. A non-combative Aafia spoke on her behalf and thanked the Judge at the end. The District Court determined Siddiqui's offense was calculated to retaliate against the US, and she received a sentence enhancement for terrorism. Pakistani Supreme Court Attorney Dawood Ghazanavi states she was a catatonic mentally ill patient convicted of the crimes without premeditation.

An appeal in 2012 affirmed the convictions and sentence stating that Siddiqui referred to the US as invaders; and when queried about the bomb-making documents found in her possession, she indicated that the target of those bombs were "the foreigners". Shortly after firing on the American interview team, Siddiqui stated: "I am going to kill all you Americans. You are going to die by my blood"; "death to America; and "I will kill all you motherfuckers". (United States Court of Appeals For the Second Circuit 10-3916-cr United States v. Siddiqui)


Eighteen years later, Siddiqui continues to make sexual abuse claims against the staff and homosexual prisoners where she is serving her sentence at FMC Carswell in Texas. A recent violent incident fueled the Texas rally outside the prison when an inmate smashed a cup of hot coffee in Aafia's face. Aafia, who had been silent for some time spurring questions as to whether or not she was even alive, reached out to say she didn't want to be forgotten.

Organizations supporting the rally include Islamic and Communist groups


Briefly, some of the Islamic organizations that support Siddiqui are also linked to terrorism:


Director of Operations for The Aafia Foundation, Mauri Saalakhan recently recorded in a Facebook video that the Pakistani Consulate denied his request to hold the Houston rally on building grounds. Tellingly, the official did not attend the Houston event Saalakhan then held across the street. Saalakhan stated in our interview with him that Siddiqui is a victim of Islamophobia. In other speeches, Saalakhan omits Siddiqui's student ties to Al Qaeda's foundational operations, and denies all of the timeline events and accusations against her, and claims the trial was a sham.

Saalakhan has been accused of improper activity with his Peace and Justice Foundation, and was slammed for his public support for designated terrorist organizations, convicted terrorists and a cop killer.

He recently praised the Taliban victory in Afghanistan on Facebook:

The Taliban, now in control of the country have resumed Sharia Law and punishments including amputations, public whippings, stonings, oppression of women, and executions.


CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations), also declares Siddiqui's innocence and repeats she is a victim of Islamophobia. In 2009, the FBI cut ties with CAIR amid mounting evidence of links to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. CAIR was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror funding trial in US history, The Holy Land Foundation Trial in Dallas, TX. Five Defendants who provided $12.4 million dollars in support for Hamas were convicted on 108 counts.

Executive Director CAIR-TX and DFW, Faizan Syed

Dr. Omar Suleiman, President Yaqeen Institute rallies the crowd against belief in the system, and continued support for Siddiqui and others he claims were unlawfully tried and convicted of crimes they did not commit in the wake of 9/11.


Jaamat al Muslimeen is best known for its 1990 attempt to overthrow the government of Trinidad. According to the NSA and the CIA, JAM is credited for significant recruitment numbers to Syria for ISIS, and are directly linked to al-Qaeda and a number of other cells world wide. Four suspected terrorists tied to JAM were convicted in 2007 for the JFK airport terror plot. Various members deny all charges, however, an extensive library of intel collected and video exists in the public domain revealing anti-Americanism and violent jihad.

Jamaat al Muslimeen attend the rally


Socialist organization Worker's World Party "oppose US intervention everywhere". They are a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group dedicated to organizing for a socialist revolution and support the openly Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. CAIR's Nihad Awad stated in 2019 that "Black Lives Matter is our matter. Black Lives Matter is our cause". This is an example of the Red Green Axis (the alliance of Islam and Communism) at work in America.

Worker's World Party attendee proudly displays a hammer and sickle t-shirt


Both ICNA (The Islamic Circle of North America) and Muslims for Humanity associated with the rally are otherwise associated with Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Wahhaj is an unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six people and injured over 1000 others. ICNA is also bound to the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Hamas.


Activist, Nahela Morales called the prison a "House of Horrors". Additional rallies are planned on Siddiqui's behalf this fall.

Nahela Morales (CL), with Siddiqui's current attorney, Marwa Elbially (CR)



There is a mountain of published media on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, from her early years as a beautiful young Muslim woman in college to her life sentence in a Texas cage. The claims about her treatment, her deteriorated mental and physical state are horribly sad. Prisoner swaps in the past failed including when Isis presented a trade for James Foley whom they beheaded on camera. Attorney Ghazanavi states that Siddiqui's American detention fuels Islamic anti-Americanism, when repatriation to Pakistan could be used as a counter-terrorism effort and could stop the continued exploitation by terrorist groups. Ghazanavi states that due to her mental status, she is not a threat. US government officials disagree.

While the western world views America as the shining beacon of light for the world for its liberty and freedoms, Islam remains historically at war with the west. Siddiqui and friends see all non-Muslims as non-believers and inferior in every way. Jihadis claim they are in a permanent defensive position from western aggression. Every action against the west from political and information warfare jihad to violent jihad is excused and justified. Western occupation and imperialism is the Great Satan with Islam being the only answer to all the world's ills. They blame the destruction of their own societies entirely on the west and work to subvert the US from within.

Aafia questioned why women in the Middle East were so poorly treated when she believes that the Quran, Allah and His Messenger place women in the highest regard. She claimed that women in Islam are given the highest level of honor and respect in comparison to western women who are exploited and sexualized. That simply is delusional and counter-intuitive thinking with no basis in fact. When violent jihad is also held in such high regard, did Siddiqui radicalize to please her God? It would appear so from the lineup of evidence and testimony.

America's war on terror after 9/11 raged. Biden has since empowered and armed the Taliban making Afghanistan an "Islamic Super State". Subsequently, with Biden in office, do Siddiqui's supporters sincerely believe they have a shot at getting her repatriated to Pakistan, or her sentence enhancement for terrorism removed despite all of the physical evidence and her own admissions in court? Aafia's rebuke of an appellate opportunity doubles down on her combative track record. Does she seek ultimate status as a martyr?

Are the terror-tied rallying groups, as Attorney Ghazanavi claims, exploiting Aafia and others like her for their own purposes? The connections and accusations fly in the face of an ill-fated cause rife with false statements, errors and omissions. The claims do not negate the chronological timeline connecting Siddiqui to the very foundation of

Al Qaeda.

Website disclosure is incorporated herein. All rights reserved. An in depth report will be forthcoming. If you appreciate this work, please consider a donation. Thank you.

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Sep 23, 2021

we are all political prisoners now thanks to the covid scam. want to be free? free your mind first and then free yourself from the various cult groups that demand obedience to whatever flavor of collectivism they are pushing. the statists are religious too, they just worship the state. the red/green axis is real. they will eventually go to war with each other but right now their common enemy is anybody that can think for themselves and retains western civilization values or repsect for the Constitution...

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