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Austin's Black Power Groups Clash on Police Reform

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

By Lauren Comele Morris

October 10, 2020

Austin's 2nd Annual Black Unity March

September 26, 2020

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas, a 2nd Annual Black Unity March opened with a reverent prayer calling on Heavenly Father and Jesus for blessings and protection while they go about doing His work. With a shaking hand throughout and a firm, respectable voice, the first speaker on behalf of the armed groups, stated the event was not a protest but an exercise of their first and second amendment rights to peacefully assemble and express themselves. The event was held by the RBG for Politicalization and Self Defense, and attended by The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, the Geronimo Pratt Pistol & Rifle Club of Central Texas, and Black Shield Militia members. Opening statements were held on the grounds of the Austin Public Library Carver Branch with the marchers proceeding from Austin's East Side to the Emancipation Statute at the Capitol in a calm and polished show of unity and strength.

"We will no longer stand for the brutalization and discrimination against Black America. We have the same rights as other Americans in this country. The days of racial profiling must come to an immediate end and no longer will we accept constitutional loopholes that send black Americans to prisons at disproportionate rates."

The first speaker called for the passage of a "Javier Ambler Camera Act" which sprang in response to the concealment of video evidence, and A&E's destruction of live camera footage taken during a popular Live PD episode with Williamson County Sheriff's Deputies over a death that was ruled as a homicide. A&E destroyed footage of Mr. Ambler's arrest and death that was caused by congestive heart failure and hypertensive cardiovascular disease in combination with forcible restraint. The popular series was canceled in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. The speaker stated that the body camera footage from that day still has not been released.

He called off a list of demands supported by examples of shootings and denials of due process: (1) Reappropriation of 10% of law enforcement funds into the lowest income zip codes in the community for departments not complying with guidlines proposed in the Act. (2) All No Knock Warrants in the State of Texas banned as these warrants are used predominantly to target black Americans, violate 4th Amendment rights and the right for the citizens to defend themselves, and are unconstitutional. (3) Abolish qualified immunity for all LEOs in the State of Texas as that has fueled police misconduct for over 50 years. Police should be held to a higher standard as trained professionals and the burden of proof should fall on the LEO to prove justification for any shooting of an unarmed citizen. (4) North American's lineage that can be traced as descendents of slavery deserve their own ethnic identity designation separate from Black Americans immigrating from other countries. American descendents of slavery are a specific group that deserve a protected class status. (5) Finally, reparations for Blacks descended from slavery. For over 400 years, descendents of slavery have been denied the same economic luxuries afforded to other Americans through a series of discriminatory events beginning with the government reneging on the 40 acres and-a-mule slave promise, share cropping, modern day mass incarceration of Blacks in disproportionate numbers under drug laws, poor health care, lower education standards, and poverty. Without the debt being paid, the net wealth of the black family will descend to zero by the year 2053. "We will not allow this genocide to happen and anyone who stands by doing nothing is guilty of ethnic cleansing."

These remarks were met with thumbs up and many head nods from the line of participants and onlookers. The first speech ended with fists in the air and a shout of "Black Power"!

Huey P. Newton Gun Club-Texas

A second speaker took a more aggressive approach stating they have been long preparing for "this race war that is here", that "white people turned their back on the first born that built your nation", and "we are standing up for our first and second amendment rights and if y'all got a problem with that, you can all go back to Europe or whatever country you came from before you came here and stole our land, stole our resources, and denied our people the right to be free and peaceful". He called for blacks to live and die for the Revolution.

The representative for the Huey P. Newton Gun Club called for people who do not look like us to not be afraid and stated what they want is control of their own economics, schools and resources, and their own politicians. "That is true black power". They stand against police terrorism and racism and advocate for an armed defense of the black population.

A presentation on Affirmative Action and economic policies she believes have harmed the black community for decades.

See the Video HERE

No Summer of Love In Austin

Alternatively, prominent Austin BLM public groups locked arms with the local street Revolutionary Marxists and proposed a significantly more racist, separatist agenda, defunding the police, social worker first responders, psychologists, and a slew of other ideas to wholly reorganize small town America into a more peaceful and equitable utopia they envision. Communism.

But to get this utopia, they openly encourage the destruction of white owned businesses and attacking the police - relentlessly which they have done nightly in Austin since May 2020 and frequently since 2019. The Revolution is to force an end to "white supremacy" and the destruction of capitalism. The ultimate price was paid when 28-year old Revolutionary Comrade Garrett Foster lost his life in a blaze of gunfire the evening he pointed his AK47 at a driver, active duty U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, who shot and killed Garrett.

Garrett was the caretaker for and leaves behind the love of his life who is a quadruple amputee, the beautiful and talented Whitney Mitchell. Garrett Foster "rests in power".

Deceased, Garrett Foster in Austin, Texas

A consistent flow of screaming crowds and even a film projector shooting enormous images on the front of the tall faced wall of the Austin Police Department resulted in barricades. Riots erupted and numerous young persons now have mug shots for blocking traffic, assault, rioting and interference with police duties among other misdemeanor crimes. Two females are serving long sentences for destruction of property on the Capitol and assaulting a black police officer that same day. Others are serving sentences for looting a local Target. The Austin music scene destroyed by COVID was replaced with a loud and angry Revolution. See my article Who Killed Austin.

BLM speakers tell large crowds that all of our systems must be destroyed before the rebuilding can begin. "Burn it down". Austin's Black organizers have frequently and openly stated that looting and burning are acceptable and that small business property can be replaced-no big deal. Nationally, community reformist foundations target small town USA with fluffy and soft socialist language theorizing a new form of "equity", "justice", and "diversity" on their websites in an effort to wholly revamp communities for the health and safety of all brown and black people. However, in reality these plans are textbook Marxist and Maoist agendas. University indoctrinated 20 and 30 year olds and their teachers, bloviate in speeches and interviews that the solution is to strike at the root of white patriarchy and destroy capitalism. Informational and political propaganda is wielded like a sharp weapon in an ode to the Chinese Communist Party's method of unrestricted warfare. It resembles a scene from the series The Tudors where medieval religious and political rulers clash, each calling the other "evil" and must be destroyed.

Austin's young Black revolutionaries smugly dismiss the local violent crime spike as minimal regardless of the knifings, shootings and machete attacks on the downtown streets.

Governor Abbott responds to Austin's post COVID upswing in serious violence with more law enforcement protections amid leftist rioting against police brutality and a successful campaign to defund the police.

In response to multiple robberies recently on the UT Campus by masked and gunned up individuals, Governor Abbott responded with more law enforcement. Antifa rioters are now targeting residential areas nationwide and epic violence is expected after the upcoming Presidential Election no matter what the result. Yet, Black Lives Matter organizers say the problem is policing and that as long as the institution of policing exists, no black life is safe.

March for Breonna Taylor September 19, 2020 Austin Texas

So the question is for our new young police reformers, how would "social worker first responders" deal with investigating a violent home invasion and strong arm robberies such that we are seeing now? How do they propose to tactically deal with purge-style armed gangs rampaging through the UT Campus at night? Dissolve the Campus Police? Will bad people doing bad things suddenly not exist in their new communist utopian world without police? Their answer is separation and reformation. Separation from the white institutions they claim have created the poverty, oppression, and inequality that is the root cause of the crime in their communities. They believe that the way to peace is the destruction of the capitalist system and reformation through violence and insurrection. A Marxist Revolution. Paid charlantan community organizers claim that white people must relinquish power, control, privilege and property. So take note privileged white people and hand over your property for black economic justice, because, they chant: "If we don't get it, burn it down".

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