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Who Killed Austin, Texas? The Live Music Capitol of the World Yields to A Communist Revolution

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

June 28, 2020

Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."   William Shakespeare, Macbeth 

DISCLOSURE: Everything shown herein was obtained by legal means. All persons depicted were in the public actively raising their voices and waging their Revolution through political and informational warfare. They are effective and have made their mark on Austin's history. This article is not intended to mock or disparage those who came out for the 2020 Revolution. I have respect for my enemies. I believe that those who wage war must be proud of their work. They should also know the obvious, that, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Vigilantism and Revolution will have its price. Even great warriors find themselves locked in tiny boxes, silenced and alone. You can be so sorely deceived by something you so strongly believe in.


Austin, Texas. The saying is you can throw a rock and hit a guitar player. Our legacy is set in stone. Austin boasts some of the greatest musicians on the planet, engineers, producers and also supports a vibrant film community and art culture.  Austin has been a beautiful place and has always made a beautiful sound.  However, 2020 will be known as the year the music died. SXSW was canceled and venues closed as the Chinese Communist Party took center stage when they unleashed their Frankenstein COVID 19. Austin's 6th Street is typically chaotic with blasting and competing live music venues, vendors, shops, restaurants, mounties on beautiful horses, and chatty college girls in skimpy outfits zipping around on scooters. Tragically, Austin's 6th Street now reflects a war zone.  Businesses are boarded up and the homeless are no longer lost in the crowds. At times, it looks like a ghost town with empty alleys and sometimes a strange set of tourists with very little to look at or experience. It certainly reflects the death of the legendary music scene. What is a tourist attraction is a street mural "Black Austin Matters" on Congress Avenue.  It is the poster child for the Revolution but yet a disappointment in scale compared with how it was presented by our local main stream media who are negligent influencers in the misinformation catastrophe.

What is happening downtown now is a Revolution in lock step with the CCP. It is a launched political and information war based on Black Lives Matter, Racism, and Police Brutality. These are narratives that have taken the main stage amplified by chanting armies of thousands marching through the streets incited by organizers on cheap blowhorns. No longer is the sound of a great musician relevant or enjoyed. Now, from a small distorted blowhorn, what can be heard is "All Cops Are Bastards", "Who Killed Michael, APD", and "Racist Pigs are Murderers", and "Fuck the Police", and worse. Poetry replaced by brutal verbal punishments and projectiles. It is frenzied, it is kinetic and it is on a repeat loop. This is now the sound of Austin. What you may not know is who are behind these narratives, what their agenda is, and how they operate to dominate the political ground in Austin, the State Capitol of Texas.


In my first article on Red Guards Austin, I portrayed how the University of Texas has engaged in educating students in Marxism in the liberal arts program. I showed the connection between UT and the street gangs who act out ground warfare for a Communist Revolution. According to 30 year expert and researcher Trevor Loudon, Maoism is the favored practice among Marx, Stalin, Mao and Lenin for the groups in the U.S. Maoist Revolutionary groups can be found in many states. Liberation Road and Freedom Road Socialist Organization are directly connected to Black Lives Matter which is itself a Communist organization whose own representatives at the top level admit they are "trained Marxists". The Revolutionary logic is to push narratives in order to achieve incremental changes to benefit the Communist agenda in America. The narratives are that white supremacy must be eliminated, capitalism must be eliminated, racism must be eliminated, our monuments and any history to white power and supremacy must be erased. These groups engage in front group activity and here in Austin that would be The Mike Ramos Brigade and The Austin Justice Coalition. On the surface, these groups push narratives that they are fighting against the evil in our society. They  are effective in rousting up large crowds of students to march in the streets screaming about police brutality. The George Floyd event was the trigger that set off a nationwide organized movement that had been in the planning and waiting in the wings for the spark that would light the tinder and blow into chaos . . . the goal of Marxism.  Make no mistake, this is a very coordinated and massively funded effort by the enemies of America who want to take her down, remove a sitting President, remove our history and replace our Constitution with a system of totalitarianism. That could be a form of Communism and the ready to go Sharia Law-Islamofascism. This is the Red Green Axis.

So what are the incremental changes just since the death of Mr. Floyd?  The abolishment of a police department in Minneapolis where the District belongs to Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison. Both are Islamic and openly Marxist. Both are connected to CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and open supporters of AntiFA.  Both support the defunding and/or abolishment of police systems and are enjoying either weak or Marxist city councils and mayors conceding to the mob.  In Seattle, we have a country within a country that was allowed to rise up under its Mayor.  Violence erupted nationwide with looting, burning, and murder. Such crimes are supported by oblivious do gooders who believe the violence is a justified defensive position and warranted, and that Seattle's CHOP is an "experiment".  It is a brilliantly orchestrated deception perpetuated by agent provocateurs, seditious traitors and criminals. The role of the university was to reprogram legions of university students into Marxism and Maoism. It worked.

These photos speak for themselves and evidence the changes in Austin, the players, and simply what it looks like on the streets. This is the work of the collective set of Communists in Austin, from the Mayor, to the City Council, to the street gangs and the media; or in other words, the "useful idiots". This does not just happen overnight. This has been many years in the making. It is like an oscillator that has slowly wound itself up and is now spinning very fast.

Remember when your friends thought AntiFA were going to save us from the fascist Trump? Well how do you like them now?

Austin's Mayor Adler takes a knee at a large protest during a COVID reopening period. Many businesses were still on restrictions, however these protests and full blown riots were not stopped. In fact, the main stream media would advertise them. "The Mike Ramos Brigade march begins at 5".  Chas Moore of The Austin Justice Coalition is talking to the crowd about police brutality and black lives matter. One week after this event, COVID cases "surged" and the bars were abruptly shut down for the second time this year by Governor Greg Abbott. Radical leftist group "Indivisible" boasted victory when sending 260 signatures to Abbott for a mandatory mask mandate. Abbott issued an Executive Order.

How convenient is the timing allowing Mayor Adler to be tucked away at home so that he cannot be faced in a City Council meeting while he fuels a wear your mask narrative 24/7 on social media after this photo was taken.  

Chas Moore, Executive Director of the Austin Justice Coalition - a Austin Black Lives Matter support group. This is the voice in Austin taking center stage while the bars are closed and the musicians are silenced and hurting badly as is the once thriving entertainment and hospitality industry. Chas has a direct line of communication with Mayor Adler flooding Adler's email with reform demands and revolutionary rhetoric about solidarity and equity and leverages his influence in our City's government departments. As a Revolutionary, Moore parrots the Communist worker's agenda achieving incremental victories over our law enforcement through an effective police brutality narrative.  What does that narrative look like on the streets?


Several of the taggers wrote "pigs", ACAB, kill the cops, etc.

"Fuck you APD and fuck you too Mayor Adler. You're a fucking scumbag you fucking cocksucker!" A black man on the blowhorn shouts.

Blowhorn: "The Pigs always have their cars parked here. Because that's their job, to protect these stupid politicians". "They're all cowards". Mehdia Mrabet, Red Guards Austin.

Blowhorn: "Pigs don't protect and serve, the people's voices will be heard". Mehdia Mrabet, Red Guards Austin.

Blowhorn Call: "What do racist pigs get"? Crowd response: "People's Justice" Mehdia Mrabet, Red Guards Austin.

Trinity bus stop in Austin.

Austin APD Headquarters

Congress Avenue

Meet Red Guards Austin and Mehdia Mrabet

Mehdia Mrabet brutalizes the police. She is now the show in Austin and she has an audience of tens of thousands. Quite an accomplishment for a Maoist Revolutionary.

Mehdia's interview on Fox Austin.

More members of Red Guards Austin.

The following photos are the results of the organizers' work on the crowds from the police brutality narrative:

Mehdia on another day with her PA speaker addressing the "Murdering Pigs".

"I am a 22 year old student from Tyler and this is what I do".

"Y'all are murderers and we will never forget. We are too smart and we remember too many things. You're ancient. Your time is done".

"This is your last warning". Our police are brutalized. Used as tools for The Revolution.

"People died for this country at the Alamo you stupid Fucker"!

An Austin businessman is attacked by a horde of thugs and one screamed: "We don't give a fuck, he can't breathe". "Get out of here you mother fucking white son of a bitch".

Red Guard's march participant spray painted an X across the back of this white female Veteran and frightened her service animal. She stood alone against the gang calling them "disgusting". This is terrorism against whites at the hands of blacks. No police were in the vicinity as the horde pillaged their way through downtown Austin with impunity smashing cop cars and tagging multiple areas. The other group at the standoff with APD at headquarters.


A promising UT student associated with the Bernard Rapoport Center at UT becomes a Communist Revolutionary with an arrest record and a mug shot from one of her missions in Austin. The University of Texas at UT is culpable in the empowerment and the inspiration of an active, skilled, and very effective Maoist Red Guard Revolutionary through their Marxist programs and after school activities. See the previous article. Question is, where is she going to go from here? Will she make it into law school and climb a political career while fighting Islamophobia, the Pigs, and White Supremacy? Will she be arrested for rioting and inciting violence?

Red Guards Austin "Women Hold Up Half The Sky"


Sayyid Syeed, one of the most influential Muslim Brotherhood agents in the USA. His focus has been with the interfaith movement and education. He is one of the most powerful Muslims in the U.S. He seeks to overthrow our way of life and to make the U.S. an Islamic State.

The Red Green Axis is alive and well in Austin. The Islamofascists work with the Communists to achieve the same goal and that is to destroy the United States. They know exactly what they are doing.  If you don't think we are experiencing a Communist Insurgency in our country and in Austin, then you are willfully blind and/or need an education. Communism infiltrates everything, grabs our youth, kills our religions and changes our "filthy house . . . by their own hands from within" as is written by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Explanatory Memorandum 1991. 

Being oblivious will get you killed. As for the musicians in Austin, you have been silenced by the Chinese Communist Party.  Then you were effectively destroyed by a Communist narrative more after having been attacked by an illegal bioweapon-COVID 19.  "The issue isn't the issue. The issue is The Revolution" - Trevor Loudon

How do we fight this?  1. Do not argue with them over an issue. Let them know that you know who they are and what they are doing. 2. Prepare your house and get your home and your family in order.  3. Teach others around you how to see through the lies and the main stream media propaganda. 4. Teach your children how to protect themselves and how to think critically. 5. Watch your back in public and protect yourself on the internet.  6. Get your spiritual thoughts in order. 7. Stand your ground and fight for your liberty and your freedom because it is disappearing. 


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THIS TOO shall pass!

W e are all great Americans and NO ONE, NO ONE will CONCOR our Freedom, Rights and Liberty to express ourselves as citizens of these UNITED STATES!

We should all STAND Together as ONE to fight for these RIGHTS‼️🤷‍♀️👍🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷


John Dendy
John Dendy
Jul 01, 2020

Death to all the Marxists and Communists. They are scum and not worthy to live in America.


I found this piece on FB on a page called, "For The Love of Austin." It is very well written and has opened my eyes in a way that I haven't seen before. Keep up the good work. I am going to come back often to read more.

Apr 04, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for reading Sam!


One of the most impactful articles I ever read. There are multiple enemies of our great country involved in a generational attack from within.

Thank you for seeing and telling it like it is. Steve

Apr 04, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for reading.

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