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Wizards, Witches and Flying Monkeys of the 2024 College Encampments

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Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

July 7, 2024


Two years later in January 1966 - a Tricontinental Conference opened in Havana, attended by 513 delegates representing 83 groups from the Third World. The likes of it had never been seen since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the world would never be the same. Its General Declaration reminded proletarians everywhere of the need for close cohesion between the "Socialist countries" (Soviet kind) and "national liberation movements," providentially including "democratic workers' and students' movements" in capitalist Europe and North America. Its purpose was to devise a "global revolutionary strategy to counter the global strategy of American Imperialism". Claire Sterling - The Terror Network

Marxist-Leninist and Maoist Revolutionaries Thrive on College Campuses 

Signifying Palestinian resistance, a young college student dons the black and white checkered keffiyeh.  His pale and thin body exhibits a hunched posture, disheveled hair, and glassy eyes. Through a COVID compliant mask and protest wear, he displays a transgender persona, and gender-neutral pronouns underscore a non-binary name.


When asked on camera why he stands for Palestine, he retorts a standardized set of precise phrases, demands, and claims. He threatens punishing consequences at the establishment for non-submission. These narratives are mirrored on campus encampments and globally in protests against Israel’s response to the Hamas October 7, 2024 massacre of Jews in Israel. “Intifada, intifada, long live the intifada”, or “one solution, revolution”. The overtones are anti-imperialist, anti-establishment, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, and anti-American.



Another organizer proclaims his sacrifice for the cause as “I'm missing my Decolonization Film class”. Fists raised in solidarity with the people of Gaza and shouts of “Free, free Palestine” roar out from colleges and universities nationwide. The emotional protests devolved as students built barricades, painted Portlandish graffiti on outdoor common areas, erected tent encampments, and trashed the place. They raised funds, and connected online in a manner that the normal nightly news watching American public will never know exists. 



Instagram hosts hundreds of radical communist revolutionary groups who connect with nationwide BDS, Students for Justice in Palestine, and Jewish Voice for Peace campus and city chapters.  Linktree pages on Instagram feature buttons linking to publications, mission statements, and direct-action campaigns. Language and sentiment are weighted with communist and revolutionary liberation themes as old as the terror networks of the 70s, and saturate the general public discourse. Some groups have designed and published “toolkits” for how to modify fire extinguishers, or how to build barricades. The toolkits contain graphics for signage that can be printed, what to chant, and how to conduct a street direct action event. Buttons display options for donating towards supplies, bail, and legal representation for arrested “comrades”. 


The “solidarity” manifests itself in ground domination tactics for physically countering the “militarized police” who are “raining down violent brutality” on the protesters who excuse their lawlessness chanting “it is right to rebel”.  This is an ecosystem that shows no signs of fizzling out, and despite the economic backlash punishing the universities, the trajectory of revolutionary communism will continue. Is it dangerous? Yes, it is, and we should be paying close attention.



How did we get here?  The answer is that this is nothing new. The tinder of the global blanket of red terrorism of the 70s never left. It intentionally penetrated our universities inch by inch while Americans yielded to one deceptive campaign after another. We let it infiltrate the curriculum, use the college campuses as base training camps and now, some communist collectives have defiantly premiered their own “People's University” right on the very ground of the institutions they inhabit. It is a magnificent theft by brat usurpers supported by old school communist faculty who teach Marxist and Maoist revolutionary theory.


Alumni and faculties collate on social media and align with some of the most radical communist groups rooted in the violent revolutionary past of the 70s. The old guard supports the new as the main "Palestinian" orgs were making ready to pounce for the right situation. Like the riots that occurred in 2020, the groups were poised to exploit the next incident as a justification for promoting violent anti-white racism and antisemitism.


Austin Nakba 2021 - Photo by Lauren Comele Morris

Anti-war organizations are some of the most spectacularly funded NGOs on the planet. While they call for peace exhibiting a type of religious moral superiority, underneath is a mechanism for destroying capitalism and American traditions including our legal system. It is a slow and steady erosion against a slumbering, diverse and open America. “America was never great” is a popular one shrieked by street mobs targeting businesses, synagogues, and the homes of politicians.  Disruption is the agenda for targets identified as “reactionaries”. 


What is interesting to note is that the American geopolitical policy and history of containment and appeasement, delay and denial, since WWII - is now reaping its rewards as enemies rooted within civil society riot against “American imperialism”. The American public stands aghast at how the hate brandished by our university youth spills out on the streets of our biggest cities.

Behind These Images and Placards is a Vast International Network That Cross-Contaminates on the Local Level


Graph by Lauren Comele Morris July 7, 2024

While operating separately, they align “in solidarity” with one another as communist comrades. Websites and social media are replete with methods, plans and agendas that provide inspiration, instruction, and material support for activities that go way beyond the first amendment and peaceful protesting. Language is paramount for creating an environment of anti-capitalist and anti-Americanism. Intimidation and castigation are abundantly used against ordinary citizens to solicit compliance. Groups meet, organize, train, and practice ground direct action tactics.


Anti-war, environmental, and humanity causes are the curtain of plausible deniability for the Wizards. Cubans, “Pan-Afrikaans”, Latin Americans, Gazan Arabs, Chinese, or Russian, they have achieved a crisis level of infiltration. The Hamas attack provided the perfect opportunity to add Jews to the list of targets that include police abolition, education, and communist law reforms.


The Palestinians, soon to become a second great magnetic pole for apprentice terrorists, began sending their own apprentices to Cuba in 1966; Cuban instructors have taught in the Middle East fedayeen camps since the early 70s. The third pole closing the triangle was Soviet Russia itself, arming and training Palestinians on its own territory and turning out other professional terrorists by the thousands--European, South and North America. Claire Sterling, The Terror Network


The Flying Monkeys tear our streets apart, screeching “whose streets, our streets” and “fuck the police”, as the Molotov cocktails explode. The excitement of lawlessness, protest hysteria, revolutionary identity, supportive media attention, and legal protection attracts our youth. Direct action deployment is immediate with online amplification.  Democrat Socialist District Attorneys nationwide drop the charges – another successful intimidation campaign.


An established revolutionary group reported that there are NGOs who conduct campus onsite mobilization. They complained that the students have little say in decisions. Seasoned individuals can be hired for street training; and some feminist organizers even traveled to Gaza to meet with Hamas and were reportedly put up in lavish hotels.

A lawsuit filed this year against the National Students for Justice in Palestine and The AJP Educational Foundation, Inc. aka American Muslims for Palestine accused Defendants of a reciprocal call and response with Hamas and provided a convincing timeline with online conversations to support the claim. Social media facilitated mutual correspondence and paired functioning. The lawsuit issues two causes of action against the Defendants and cites the Boim litigation. 


LawsuitNational Jewish Advocacy Center the Schoen Law Firm and the Holtzman Vogel law firm
Download • 797KB

The American public sees that our institutions are radicalized and declining from an infiltration we refused to take seriously. Experts write that we must reverse course or our country will be lost.


Whether American institutions opt to eradicate the communist revolution or postpone it will serve as a test of our political determination to prevail. The world watches to see if America takes into account the lessons of the past as Israel squares off with Hezbollah and Iran and Russia massacres Ukrainian citizens. Americans need to understand that with some enemies, a policy of containment does not work, only victory works.

Please share. We appreciate your donations to The Centrist, Inc. to help us continue our research. Thank you, and may our Republic be preserved and protected from our enemies.

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The average American, while shocked and outraged by riots, looting, burning and other "protests" by BLM and Antifa, is unaware of what underpins these criminals. Ironically, we hardworking taxpayers are contributing to the street thugs' depredations just as much as George Soros and CAIR. How? By Biden's unsanctioned forgiveness of student loans, section 8 housing subsidies, SNAP, EBT, undeserved SSI disability benefits, and the welfare system in general.

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