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Ramzan Kadyrov's Jihad in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

October 28, 2022

Chechen President, Ramzan Kadyrov, A Modern Islamic Warrior for Allah

Ramzan Kadyrov is as modern as any Islamic man can be who is a good Muslim under the laws of Islam. See my earlier article HERE. He is passionate about his family, his faith, traditions, and his culture. He will dance and has hosted champion mixed martial art fighters. He is engaged in progressive building and national economic projects. He speaks frequently about them, praising all who achieve milestones and giving credit where it is due. He over glorifies his troops and their fighting ability. He is a talker. He is also known for his brutality and is now being accused of war crimes in Ukraine. He is waging a holy jihad in Ukraine as Putin's Colonel General and has declared it against his enemies.

Ramzan's jihad is happening right now in a free country and being mostly ignored by the American counter-jihad community.


I'm shocked by and obsessed with the war in Ukraine having watched it night and day since Putin's invasion he calls a "special military operation". I studied the history of the region, the geopolitics, the horrific atrocities the Chechens suffered at Putin's hands in the two recent wars just to get up to speed. I have read books, watched countless videos hosting military and sociopolitical experts from Germany and France, and I continue to absorb numerous Russian and Ukrainian military channels daily on Telegram who post the war in blow-by-blow fashion. I downloaded Kadyrov's personal channel and translated it from Russian into English and counted the number of times he has used the words "cleansing", and "beheading". Reading his words in my opinion gives insight into their position. It is important to know the enemy.

Putin's narratives throughout the war that are staged for those Americans who are Russian sympathizers has changed. Putin is known for his slick propaganda and his lies. There are grains of truth mixed into everything he says, still he is a master propagandist. When the troop build-up of 100,000 was taking place during the Olympic Games in China, Putin said they were not going to invade. People actually believed him.

I've watched the battles, read up on the weapons utilized in the field, and have kept my eye on OSINT groups for their proof of war crimes and genocide at the hands of the Russians. Putin has done all this before. It is a playbook. Yet, this time he bit off way more than he can chew. Putin is a losing, angry, cornered cat. The situation is escalating to a frightening level, and yet our mainstream media are under-serving the public with tragically ill informed and infantile reporting.


American media fail the public in their Ukraine war reporting. Foreign news channels broadcasting on You Tube such as France24, DW and WION put American media to shame as their content and presentations far exceed ours. Their correspondents and expert guests are serious and intellectually sound. Additionally, sophisticated independents like CRUX, are slaying their You Tube presentations in the political and battlefield department with excellent intel and video. Caspian Report provides substantial geopolitical commentary and historical content that is easily digestible and factually accurate.

In contrast, the Fox News anchors are sarcastic, loud, crass, and biased. Others lack expert reporting and surprisingly, aside from CNN, I see ZERO OSINT supporting evidence. OSINT (open source intelligence) is the future of evidence based reporting; it is necessary and could swiftly destroy the credibility of any established anchor if they fail to get up to speed. Field experts could be reduced to opinion based conversation. It's coming fast.

For example and from my last article on Ukraine, MAGA loyalists and Steve Bannon followers continue to call Ukraine's President Zelensky "a corrupt puppet", and that we should not be involved, or send money to defend Ukraine. They talk as if bags and bags of cash are going to Ukraine debt free, with no strings attached, paid for by the tax paying public. They discount the weapons makers as if they don't exist, but highlight black market crime and Biden leaving weapons in Afghanistan. Point noted. However, Ukraine citizens and the country's breadbasket resources somehow do not matter at all and neither do our European allies according to these useful idiots. The war is easily dismissed with a "#fuckukraine". If we lose Ukraine, we lose Europe. President XI will be emboldened and Putin will not stop at Ukraine.

Maybe the Fuck Ukrainers should spend a week learning about Putin's past bloody invasions and how they relate to the current aggression. Learn about Zelensky's credentials, about Putin's career genocide and his iron-age atrocities in Chechnya. Instead, they knee-jerk repeat Putin's propaganda that he was cleansing Ukraine of Nazis! Learn about the Donbas region, the former Soviet Union, the Baltics, Moldova, Finland, Georgia. People bat for Putin when they say that "he wouldn't be doing any of this if NATO would not have expanded". They are believing and adopting the Russian propaganda narrative created specifically for the right wing, the leftist Communists, and the anti-military industrial complex folks who also hate the UN and NATO.


Somehow, the United States and The West are at fault for everything wrong with the world, and Putin is a victim. This is the Islamic world view as well. The West are warmongers, corrupt, and Satanic. Understandably, Americans have their radar on sex indoctrination and SEL in schools, CRT, drag queens, gender mutilation and transitioning of minors, our open border, Biden's presidency, crime from de-funding the police, BLM, the jailed J6ers, inflation, DOJ and FBI corruption, the China threat, and CAIR. Really, the outrage of the day that is perpetuated by the outrage of the day profiteers on our main stream media.

Putin and Kadyrov have recently changed the narrative from wiping out Nazis, to cleansing Russian territory (including Ukraine and Crimea in that equation) of the "cancer of homosexuality and the transgender movement targeting children". Kadyrov doesn't want "Satanic Democracy" to "defile his country where the rights of atheists are protected and believers are offended". I cannot say I disagree with some of his positions. I too loathe doctors who chop off healthy body parts of children and stuff them with sex change hormones. They are butchers. Putin has also adopted the Islamic Law of Slander. No one in Russia can criticize Islam.


The West, mostly from the UK and America have a counter-jihad community. Groups publish innumerable reports on Islamic jihad, books, hold educational webinars to teach the public about the Islamic threat and they track the global violent jihad events.

Kadyrov's jihad negates the view of a sweeping, global reformative Islam, at least for Chechnya; and supports what others in the counter-jihad community teach . . . that Islam is forbidden to reform and violent jihad is indeed a core principle. It is a dangerous problem for the Islamic community and the entire world.

The terms Islamist and Islamism are utilized to create distinctions between diverse sects of Islam and identify political and radicals. These words may provide a buffer of protection from bigotry accusations and retaliation. However, there will never be a new international version of the Quran, like the Bible. The Quran is forbidden to change in the slightest degree as that would invalidate the word of Allah. Islam is not a democratic system. The counter-jihad community know this better than anyone. Ramzan Kadyrov is proving it every day in Ukraine.

Devoted Holy Warrior, Ramzan Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov is not the Taliban, he is not Afghan or Saudi. He is a proud Chechen who lives by the Islamic Law of Sharia. He cleansed Chechnya of homosexuals.

Ramzan has made statements on his Telegram channel about beheading the Banderaites and cleansing Ukraine of anyone opposed to Putin's rule, specifically, the Satanists. Then, his soldiers provide aid and charity to citizens who support Russia after the bombing raids such as in Mariupol.


Warning! This war with Ukraine might blindside Americans because Putin has nukes. Their message is that if NATO or the US fire one rocket of any size into claimed territory, Putin will respond with a strategic nuclear attack ON AMERICAN SOIL, and then "all of humanity will die". He is accusing NATO and Ukraine of preparing a "dirty bomb". Putin utilizes rhetoric to claim provocations by the enemy. Any opposition to Putin's "special military operation" is deemed acts of terrorism by terrorists. This is a repeat of the playbook in the Chechen wars.

The rhetoric couldn't be any stronger between the West's allied forces and Putin on nuclear war. The drone to drone action in civilian areas pits Iran against Israel as Putin continues to flatten cities and target civilians. 4700 US troops deployed and ready to engage as Moldova and Romania are in the line of fire. Biden threatened Putin over stopping grain shipments on the Black Sea. Odessa is now being struck off and on as all eyes are on the battle for Kherson. Putin's propaganda changed to an anti-gay agenda in lockstep with Islamic law that targets right wing westerners.

Chechen children who are now adults remember what Putin did to them in the first Chechen war in 1991. They won't fight for Russia and civil war has broken out and a militant opposition is squaring off against Kadyrov armed with heavy guns and grenades. Meanwhile, Kadyrov lost 100 fighters who put selfies on Tic Toc alerting Ukraine to their whereabouts through OSINT geo-location. Putin is not doing anything different from what he has done repeatedly before in Finland, Chechnya and Georgia.

If Ramzan loses control of Chechnya, that region may fall into utter chaos. Nuclear war is but one mistake away and the retreating Russians just might hit the Zaphorizhzhia plant plunging all of Europe into the conflict. While Putin says he will not nuke Ukraine, the US mainland is fair game for a strategic strike. The body count is astonishing.

CRUX put out some of the best intelligence on the weapons and battlefield exchanges. Winter is settling in and the muddy ground will slow down or stop the tanks. Citizens will freeze and starve just like 1991 Chechnya. Putin did that.

Again, catch up with the prolific work of CRUX on You Tube. Here is a recent report on the U.S Army 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" on the Ukraine border preparing for another escalation.

Thank you for reading my content and please consider supporting my work with a donation. See you next time.

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