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Updated: Feb 9

Bearing False Witness Against A Deeply Religious Nation

Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

February 4, 2024

Fired Fox News Journalist, Tucker Carlson

"Integrity is priceless and in the end, that is all you have". Jerome Powell

The internet is exploding with snapshots of American Journalist, Tucker Carlson supposedly having arrived in Moscow with a crew, and sitting in a balcony box at a Russian ballet. The backlash is severe and global as Tucker's stance against Ukraine looks to be a disastrous career move.

Backfire for Supporting Indicted Warlord Putin

A meme of Carlson’s photo at the airport looking typically quite befuddled with the text “FARA?”, makes a claim that Carlson’s February 2024 trip to Moscow places him in such a precarious position, he should register as a Russian Foreign Agent under the American Foreign Agent Registration Act [FARA]. Good connection because Carlson’s pro-Putin statements, combined with his smarmy anti-Zelensky and Ukraine rhetoric, places him in a severely biased position as a journalist seeking an interview with Putin during wartime.

Tucker needs the interview for his battered career image, and damage control after landing himself on the wrong side of the war. He needs to find one redeeming shiny blade of grass for himself, and to do that, he should somehow show Putin for the indicted war criminal that he is. However, people that do that become poisoned or otherwise meet a gruesome death.

If Tucker Carlson continues to present Putin as the good guy, he joins the ranks of the most vicious and insidious Russian propagandists who offered Carlson a job on Russian state media. The exact same Russian propagandists who repeatedly call for the obliteration of Ukrainians. It would be a celebrity upgrade at this point from Tucker hosting Hamas and Soviet Communist activist Jackson Hinkle. Doing shows with the go genocide in Ukraine unit cheerleaders is familiar company for similar journalists also experiencing legal and financial trouble.

Genocidal Maniac Vladimor Solovyov and Infowars' CEO, Alex Jones

The Befuddled Expression Is Not Aging Well

An Adam Zybus 2022 cartoon depicts Putin putting a suit jacket on Carlson with a Z-patch on the right arm, and a crude name tag - "Minister of U.S. Propaganda". Carlson's famous befuddled expression drawn in the image poses Carlson as a piece of Putin meat looking rather haggard and distressed.

Adam Zyglis of The Daily Cartoonist

How can Tucker Carlson, an American Patriot, defender of the free press and the Constitution, defender of democracy, sit in a balcony box at the ballet while Russian Air Force shell Ukrainians in their beds? How can he not know that he has made a terrible mistake? Putin is indicted by the International Criminal Court and warranted for arrest, economically severed by hundreds of corporations, and heavily sanctioned by free world governments.

It Is His Job To Know

I think he knows. It is his job to be informed, and because of his status, he has a higher duty to know. In civil actions here in America, the standard in law is "knew or should have known". The standard of what is "reasonable and necessary" doesn't hold water where there is an imposed higher duty to guard and protect, to be truthful and honest, and to operate your business with ethics and integrity. The standard neither forgives irresponsible failures and blunders nor corruption when the public is a consumer. I believe these principles apply to journalism. There are unintended consequences heaped on top of punishments for such grave misjudgments and arrogance. With this trip to Moscow is Tucker Carlson attempting to do damage control on his own reputation since being rendered homeless by Fox News after his false reporting on Zelensky? Will Carlson retract his false statements or continue to stand on the side of another Russian expansion in Europe made through war crimes and cultural genocide?

Tucker and his like minded propagandists are being buried by the truth. Historians, military experts, geopolitical experts, open source intelligence agents, and researchers swiftly and easily debunked Tucker Carlson's lies about Ukraine. Did Tucker not consider that he would have a European audience who would counter him; or that the truth of the war would not be out there for the American public to digest? Does he think his audience is that stupid? Has he ever heard of Generals Breedlove or Hodges? What about the European Union leaders? Tucker's stance on Ukraine has been a catastrophic humiliation for him. Aside from the numerous reports out of the European Union on Tucker's support for Putin, here are a few from American media:

Bearing False Witness Against A Deeply Religious Nation

Research in this volatile time takes more than just turning on one's favorite news anchor at 6:00. On CBS with Norah O'Donnell for example, they give us three to four stories less than five minutes each at times, and the rest of the 30 minutes is pharmaceutical ads. This is a war in Europe, so it would make sense to read European reports, listen to their analysts and experts and most importantly, learn about the history of Putin's aggression against his neighbors. European experts analyzing the war are amazing to watch. I have posted several sources in my past articles. I find their media presenters to be sophisticated and professional as opposed to some of the most popular conservatives. They focus on real news, factual and supported by evidence. Zelensky is a lawyer. He is a self-made millionaire, a wildly successful script writer and patriot of Ukraine. He is not a "plant" and he is not the butcher of Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel. He is not a money-laundering, corrupt individual. It's all lies and Tucker is guilty of the worst of them.

In contrast, Steve Bannon, a Catholic, and his ilk who claim to be Christians, are supporting the ongoing genocide of a deeply religious nation, the horrible multi-level suffering of its people, and repeatedly bearing false witness against a brave President who is supported by the population. See my video here:

Charlie Kirk's reports on Zelensky were a shameful display of false news and sarcasm against the suffering Ukrainian people coming from a Christian:

Trump's Praise for Putin

Why did Trump praise Putin? Politico's analysis covers the subject as did the New York Times. This is a short list of articles on Trump's unfortunate praise of Putin.

Russian-born American Journalist Julia Loffe, who is considered an expert on Putin opined that he played Trump like a violin. See KPBS' FRONTLINE series on Putin's Russia:

I also believe that President Trump was played like a violin by Putin. I do not think Trump is informed on Putin's history of aggression. I do not believe he has a full accounting of Chechnya, Georgia or Ukraine. I think he was shocked with the invasion and when he did come out to condemn it, the deer in the headlight look was apparent.


It has been a while since I've written an article. I was recently in Romania at a Rebuilding Ukraine Forum. I haven't written about that either. I have been busy building up my 501c3 at I work with Conservatives 4 Ukraine headed up by Trevor Loudon. Our focus is to counter the unfortunate disinformation out there on Ukraine.

I know that some people reading this support Tucker. They like his analysis. However, Tucker's analysis has been wildly inacurate. It will be a tremendous mistake if Ukraine returns to Russian control. A terrible mistake. Trump must stand for victory in Ukraine, a strong EU and a strong NATO. Ukraine must have victory.


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