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Putin's Lieutenant General Ramzan Kadyrov, A Chechen Muslim Brother Wages Jihad in Ukraine

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

By Lauren Comele Morris

Opinion March 31, 2022

Updated April 13, 2022


Smiley and charismatic on social media, an animal lover, avid sportsman, fierce and passionate for Chechen history and culture, Ramzan Kadyrov is also Putin's prize fighter. He is multi-dimensional and fascinating. Kadyrov is the leader of the Chechen Republic. He is wealthy, admits to being cruel and is also known as a brutal dictator having rid Chechnya of gays in accordance with sound Islamic Law, Sharia. Here are some you tube links for the history of how Kadyrov rose to power.

He is a Sharia compliant Muslim waging Jihad in Ukraine. The Russian narrative is that the campaign is to "liberate" Ukrainians from Neo-Nazis and the Azov militants. Millions of souls have evacuated their homes and the war is ravaging and laying waste to cities. It seems out of proportion and a high price to pay for said "liberation". Reports vary as much as by 10 million people on the number of those who are displaced and have fled. The body count of the dead increases daily.

The war is being called the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time. International economists weighing in on Al Jazeera are calling it the event that is destroying the green new deal globalist agenda and is in fact, "the real reset" as the impact cannot be reversed. They say that a China invasion of Taiwan will eclipse the impact of Putin's campaign and will be the WWIII that cannot be avoided. However, see the update below for more on what is needed to kick WWIII off. We are getting there.

A Great Islamic Army Once Again Makes History

Jihad means to struggle. It is the core principal of Islam and to fight for Allah is the highest honor. Yes, this is about obligatory Jihad for Lt. Gen. Kadyrov as it has always been in Islamic history with Kadyrov following in his father's footsteps. Kadyrov has shown his loyalty to Putin. This is not al Qaeda, nor the Taliban, nor ISIS as you will see from their own social media videos. They are fancily equipped, exhibit some measure of discipline and training, and appear to be having the time of their lives in the field. However, from all appearances and reports from their critics and opposition analysts, Kadyrov's forces are not even close to the front lines, nor are there reports of engagement in battle. It appears that Kadyrov and his legion have a predominantly social media and propaganda role. See the videos here:

A Winter Training, Building A Jihadi Army Or Social Media Propaganda?

Well Equipped, Trained And Disciplined, Or Fancy and Fake News?


Islamic Men Are Allowed Four Wives

Prayer Fives Times A Day Is Mandatory, Even On The Battlefield

Men Stand Close To The Imam Signifying Their Closeness To God, While Women Are Separated In Another Room Or In The Back. Islam Forbids the Co-Mingling Of Men And Women In The Mosque

Discipline In All Things, Intellect, And War For The Glory of Allah, Or Media Showoff?

Ramzan Entertains His Famous Fighter Friends

Finding Favor With Putin, A Collaborator, A Partner And A Bit Of A Loose Cannon

Putin Wondered If Ramzan Could Speak, Yes He Can

Always Superbly Dressed, Rockstar Style

Ramzan Enjoys A Full Life With Many Interests & Celebrates His Culture And Heritage

Muslim Brothers, The Brotherhood Is Above All Others On Earth, Even Family

Successful, Social Media Darling, And Cruel Ruler Of Chechnya Under Islamic Law

As Zelensky begs daily for world assistance, the Chechen army parades around in fancy battle gear. Battlefield videos depict soldiers shooting at bombed out buildings. Ramzan is one to watch on the world stage and is the epitome of a modern day political figure based on his social media, his branding and messaging and his lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how he is perceived by Erdogan and others who attempt to now assert themselves in the conflict. There should be no criticism of Kadyrov from those camps as that is discouraged among the Muslim Brotherhood. What of all the other Muslim soldiers who reportedly have joined forces with Putin? Who are committing the atrocities and does Kadyrov have a larger role that what his critics say? Why did Putin make him Lieutenant General if all he does is parade around for the cameras? We shall see.

UPDATE April 13, 2022: War experts and economists weighing in recently on the Al Jazeera news network collectively opined that the only thing Putin needs for a successful walk into World War Three is an increased body count. It is that simple. Rumors and bits of information are being revealed as massacre after massacre is uncovered. Narratives and aggressive rhetoric are escalating, and Russian and allied units continue for their "noble cause against Azov Nazis". This is not a liberation. A greater war is indeed a high probability.

War correspondent Michael Yon who has been reporting extensively from the American southern border warns that "pandemic + war + famine" is in full swing. This is classic Malthusian Theory. These warnings are compiling from numerous sources and becoming more severe and evident. Our condition is dire.

Ramzan Kadyrov will go down in history as the Lt. General to Putin that launched the world into an apocalyptic Third World War. A war already irreversible and with long lasting consequences for humanity and the environment. The victory is historical for Islam.

America, it is Time to Put Your House in Order.

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1 Comment

Mar 31, 2022

send in john oliver or some other GAE pencil neck dweeby! or let these people fight it out in their own sandbox and stay OUT of a conflict that has little to no bearing on the USA or our strategic interests....

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