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Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

December 28, 2022

The heart and soul of the Ukraine War is the battlefield agony. That is the importance of the matter, not whether Zelensky wore a suit to the White House.

Bombed Out Citizens of Ukraine

Putin’s War in Ukraine reveals that countries will continue to war. Citizens will suffer immeasurably, the environment will be destroyed, history will be erased. It is the death of culture. We can protest, vote, complain, but we never got better at being people and here we are again. What we can control, or at least counter, are the dangerous and false narratives originating from Russian propaganda. The propaganda that some of our best news anchors are repeating and swaying the American public toward a pro Putin agenda.


It appears that many Americans making pro Putin remarks on social media are not and do not care to become educated on the history of Russia’s aggression against its neighbors. Chechnya who? They have formed nonsensical opinions on the validity of ours and our European allies’ efforts in the war based on the trash they hear about Zelenksy. They believe Putin’s propaganda about Nazis and Ukraine killing its own citizens. Ask them the name of a commanding officer, a city in Ukraine where the battles are being waged, what weapons are being used, what is being destroyed every night, how many refugees there now are, how many hospitals bombed. Ask them anything about the history of the region and you will get a diverting and useless response.

When news men and women we trust for intelligent news, accurate sourcing, evidence and facts pick up the wrong side of the narrative and tragically regurgitate Russian propaganda, what do we do? We counter the narrative.

India’s WION produces a series of vlogs called “The World at War” bringing an astute chronology and reporting of the 2022 aggression from China and Russia against their neighbors. This report highlights the major 2022 events in Ukraine and the toll that Putin’s War has taken on Ukrainian civilization. WION is just one source for digestible and intelligent narrative video content.

Putin states he will not strike first with a nuclear weapon, yet he has strapped them up and captured the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant which could blow any second and destroy Europe. Right now, tanks and troops have moved into the Belarusian border with Ukraine. His ministers of defense have been threatening nuclear war. Putin has repeatedly lied about his activities, including denying the invasion was indeed an invasion. Putin’s bombs have killed thousands of civilians, misplaced millions, and plunged Ukraine into darkness in the dead of winter. He has incessantly bombed power plants, utility facilities, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, fields, and has reduced cities to wastelands while his troops retreat. They invade, they retreat, they bomb.

Americans Look Away and Blame Zelensky for Putin’s Atrocities

Incessant Shelling of Civilian Infrastructure & Massacres

Some of our most respected TV journalists sarcastically refer to Zelensky as “t-shirt guy”. They mock, trivialize and condemn his efforts and bloviate “not one more dime to Ukraine”. Tucker Carlson complains about the money, the Biden and Zelensky corruption, and that we shouldn’t be involved in protecting Europe from Putin. He squeals and rants and laughs hysterically.

Bending the Knee to the Poisoner in Chief?

Are they after “track suit boy” because if they were to come out and criticize the Russian Government, they could be targeted and poisoned, or even killed? Indeed they could be. This is how Putin operates against his critics. Putin is after Bellingcat investigative OSINT journalists who outed the Wagner Group and collected evidence on who committed the Bucha massacre. Wagner's Yevgeny Prigozhin sued Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat who has branded Steve Bannon and his brigade as “outrage profiteers”.

From Alex Jones to Steve Bannon, who I exposed earlier HERE, from Laura Loomer to Jack Posoebic and others, all are trivializing the war with pointless remarks about Zelensky. Everyone suddenly is a geopolitical expert on the historical conflict in the Donbas when throwing rocks at Zelensky. The danger is how these powerful voices are misleading the public and pushing out Russian propaganda. They are bending the knee to Putin.

Founder, ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriel in Munich, Germany Christmas 2022

Brigitte Gabriel stated that we should not be funding “Europe’s war” around the time she was celebrating Christmas in Germany. The Germany who supports Ukraine in every way. What does Gabriel think about Chechen President, Ramzan Kadyrov and his "Grand Jihad" in Ukraine? I find it remarkably odd that the counter Islamic terrorism community is virtually silent on Kadyrov's Holy War in Ukraine and his successes with Putin in the advancement of Islamic Law both in Russia and Chechnya. Gabriel is famous for her outstanding efforts against the Islamic war machine but has taken a big step back and retreated to the safety of criticizing American political leaders.

Would These Be the Nazis That Threaten Ukraine Requiring Putin's Liberation?

If war happens between Serbia and Kosovo, who are squaring off as I write this, will they say that Kosovo also belongs to Russia and therefore an invasion is warranted there as well? The Tucker Carlson types are painting themselves into a sticky corner. Alex Jones has not learned his punitive damages lessons from Sandy Hook. Slapped with millions for running the Sandy Hook story and knowing his vitamin sales skyrocketed during those reports, he is at it again with anti-Zelensky narratives.


Sophisticated German military and geopolitical experts call the anti Zelensky types “fringe” whose reporting is false and wrong. The outrage profiteers are all about Biden opposition and at the cost of truth. It feeds the American audience who want a fast food comfort zone and a delusional dismissal and excuse for their apathy. Shall we just abandon our European allies?

Ukraine matters. The truth matters. I encourage all who read this to get informed. Really study the history. Study the Chechen wars, and catch up on the current conflict because the heart and soul of the matter is what is happening on the battlefield, not whether Zelensky wore a suit to the White House.

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Excellent article.

Good Lord! I can't believe we are arguing this same point ("this is Europe's War") for the third time in only 100 years. How many remember that the WWI ("the war to end all wars") began in Crimea? Or, how many times that Crimea was the impetus for major wars throughout history!?!? And, isn't the current "America First" party the spiritual successor of the AFC (America Fist Committee) that held rallies in 1941 talking about how Nazi expansionism and Japanese aggression was none of our concern??? They had a rally scheduled with Charles Lindbergh on the evening of 7 December 194. The rally was canceled because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor that very morning. The AFC dissolved i…

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