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Ramzan Kadyrov's Islamic Interfaith Influence Serves Putin's Justification For War In Ukraine

Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

January 22, 2023

If Putin and Kadyrov win, Ukraine will fall to a hybrid of Russian and Islamic totalitarianism. The Russian Christian Orthodoxy could lose what influence it currently has and Islam will replace Christian influence in Russia.

Chechen President and Col. Gen. for Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov's influence on Putin not only extends from political and socioeconomic issues he oversees in Chechnya as its President, but throughout the morality laid narratives lodged against the West during Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Ramzan Kadyrov is the most visible Muslim leader to surface in recent times because of social media. He is controversial, social media savvy, and yet, not an interest of many counter Jihad analysts as a topic for conversation and article writing. However, IMO, he is the one to watch regarding the Ukraine war, and why this is my third piece on him. His work in Ukraine as Putin’s Colonel General in his words is a “grand jihad” against the West.

Kadyrov has led the Russian morality narratives claiming they are cleansing Ukraine not only of Nazis, but of the cancer of transgenderism, gay marriage, and the sick anti-family and anti-God practices of the West. Islam has historically viewed the West as the great Satan that Muslims must cleanse the earth of in order for there to be peace. All the world must become Islamic. That view has served Ramzan well in providing Putin with a strong narrative to position Russia as the side that God is on and validation for war.

The Nuclear Option Aligns With Jihad

Ramzan claims that if they all die, if we humans all die during a nuclear exchange, then the glory is to Allah. To Kadyrov, the nuclear option is in keeping with their Islamic faith and he has called for first strikes. Listen to this field video on the validation for war:

Magomed Khitanaev Tells Troops God is on Their Side Against The Satanic West

However, in stark contrast to Islam’s foe - Judaeo-Christianity, Ramzan Kadyrov in tolerance for Russian Orthodoxy took part in the annual “Give Good” campaign to give toys to children. The Kadyrov family took photo ops near the Christmas tree in Grozny. Kadyrov’s daughter Aishat Kadyrova is the “Minister of Culture”, who helped organize this year’s event by giving toys to the children of military personnel in the zone of the “NWO”. This is not a scene you would normally see in any Muslim country, as Christianity and Islam are at pure odds and it is as violent a relationship now as it has ever been.

So why would Kadyrov take part in Christian outreach? The answer is Islam’s interfaith influence operations. Side Note: Kadyrov and family are sanctioned by the West's allies and not allowed in the United Kingdom.

The Kadyrov Caliphate

Kadyrov Family Participate in a Christmas Community Tradition

My opinion is they are laughing at Christianity in the video even though they appreciate the beauty of culture through its artistic expression. Although Ramzan is a passionate cultural advocate and a lover of the history of his region, he is foremost submissive to Islam. His devotion is rewarded with his power over a nation, in the battlefield glory, and with his significant influence over Russia's President.

Disingenuous Perceived Alliances Between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Sayyid Qutub, author of “Milestones” stated: “the chasm between Islam and the jahiliyyah (human ignorance) is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of jihiliyyah come over to Islam.”

Sharia compliant Muslims see non-Muslims as inferior who must either convert or be exterminated. In civilized, democratic nations where the slaughter of Christians is murder, interfaith is the influence operation to obtain Sharia compliance by non-Muslims even if they do not realize the relevance of appeasing an enemy who seeks to rule them.

While interfaith movements can help create cultural diplomacy, Islam's interfaith wields a political influence that hides a subversive agenda through myth and misinformation. See the following sources:

Islam in a Nutshell - Interfaith Dialogue Groups
Download PDF • 558KB

IFD Jan 21-article insert
Download PDF • 515KB

Download PDF • 1.26MB

Muslims worldwide have pressured political leaders to outlaw criticism of Islam under “Islamophobia” bills adopted in places like Canada. An Islamophobia bill is a priority for U.S. Congresswoman and Somali native, Ilhan Omar. Islamophobia bills make it illegal to criticize Islam’s prophet, its people, and even what its people believe. Basically, anything that a Muslim would disapprove of becomes Islamophobia and they use courts of law to silence any critic of Islam.

If Islam Were a Religion of Peace, Silencing Critics Would Not be Necessary

Islam’s sanctioned violence is so pronounced that it bullies democratic societies who fear it into laws to silence its critics. Islamophobia is a campaign disguised as discrimination, but results in compliance with the Islamic law of slander. While it is legal in Islam to beat and kill your wife, marry a child, and engage in violent jihad, it is illegal for others to criticize these acts.

Young people are going to prison and being hung in the streets of Iran for criticism of the Sharia compliance that allows the oppression of women and girls, forced child marriage, female genital mutilation, and honor killings to name a few. Islam's Quran, its Prophet, and its scholars sanction Islamic violence. The Quran will never reform because that act is forbidden, as it would invalidate Allah’s word.

A Young Kadyrov Family

In Chechnya under Kadyrov, it is illegal to be gay, and women are Sharia adherent. Wearing the hijab indicates submission to Allah and second class status to males.

Ramzan’s success with Putin resulted in an Islamophobia law in Russia for which Ramzan claimed victory. Islamic ideology played well into Putin’s hands offering supportive anti-Western narratives. The Chechens have, from the invasion, complained on their Telegram channels Ukraine had become too influenced by the gay and transgender movement. They swiftly complained about the U.S. and Europe allowing the mutilation for sex change purposes in children. They criticized the West’s evil destruction of the family. I cannot disagree with this sentiment. Putin used this narrative as an excuse for his slaughter of citizens in Ukraine when the Nazi narrative fell flat under criticism and counter intelligence debunking this claim.

Ramzan posts daily war updates on his Telegram channel showing battlefield victories, and his continued social and political activities in Chechnya. By November, Ramzan boasted Chechnya would usher in Islamic banking evidencing another step forward for Sharia compliance in Chechnya. This is how interfaith and cultural diplomacy works to further the cause of Islam.

A research paper on Chechnya's Status Within the Russian Federation from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs details the relationship between Putin and Kadyrov.

Paper on Ramzan
Download PDF • 925KB

See my other articles on Ramzan Kadyrov on this site.

Putin & Kadyrov

Ramzan's cultural diplomacy extends from his UFC fighters, to his social programs in Chechnya, and battlefield charity. Yet, his battlefield atrocities against Ukraine's citizens continue. The violence is a Grand Jihad for Allah.

If Putin and Ramzan win, Ukraine will fall to a hybrid of Russian and Islamic totalitarianism. The Russian Christian Orthodoxy could lose what influence it currently has and Islam will replace Christian influence in Russia.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all the researchers and writers out there who have watched not only the interfaith movement, but Ramzan Kadyrov's influence over Russia and Putin. Please consider a tax deductible donation to help us with our research at We appreciate your support.

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26 de jan. de 2023

in the end, what this guy is selling is only attractive to people who are already on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to wealth, power, or personal agency. they can live vicariously through him, but will pay the price. his scuzzbucket bravado is nothing new. like all cult leaders, a charismatic personality got him to where he is today, but the facade will wither rapidly when it becomes clear that all he has to offer is a bloody and violent death to anybody who decides to throw in with this dirt bag. as with every cult- the flash, the wives, the carefully crafted "devout" image can never be attained by anybody but a few of t…


Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
23 de jan. de 2023

This scenario could make for a great Tom Clancy script. What if the Kremlin's nuclear arsenal fell into the hands of a rogue state whose leader feels humanity is expendable for the glory of God? That would be a box office blockbuster.

Respondendo a

It is sad that you think this is fictional. When all hell breaks loose and they come for our guns and demand subservience, I guess as a man it will be no big deal to you.

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