MAOIST AUSTIN RED GUARDS & THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-How The Dream of a Socialist Utopia Went So Wrong

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

By Lauren Comele Morris

May 13, 2020

The Popular Women's Movement|Movimiento Femenino Popular are engaged in a political and information warfare campaign against sexist violence, poverty, gentrification of Austin's East side, the woman's right to choose, and the struggles of the women's working class. Sounds like a perfectly fine group of civic minded ladies who are focused on helping the poor and abused women of our society.

However, they form the feminine contribution to a larger group known as Red Guards Austin, an overtly violent gang of Maoist & Marxist revolutionaries who worship Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Marx.

Austin's East Side fight against gentrification with Red Guards Austin.

On the surface, Red Guards appear to be made up of young people who are resentful and angry at American Society. Their causes sound worthwhile, their complaints valid, their clothing representing an alternative lifestyle and a flair for UK punk with patches, scarves, tatoos and piercings. Many people call them AntiFA as their chants and rhetoric often parallel AntiFA for example: "All cops are bastards!" and "The only good cop is a dead cop!" Red Guards actually loathe AntiFA and the Democratic Socialists whom they freely target during election time.

Photos from Austin, Texas:

In fact, the vandalism has reached a new level when Red Guards hit Austin's City Hall during the recent COVID lockdown, and the graffiti is prevalent through Austin's east side and on 6th street.  It's ugly.

Red Guards march up and down the streets on May 1st every year celebrating International Worker's Day by donning communist red flags and balaclavas. While easy to dismiss them as lost, angry, mixed up kids lacking intelligence on the wrong path with the wrong influences, that argument is an oblivious position. The underpinning is radical and the Austin group is inspired, trained, and organized. Red Guards wage a mature full court press of informational and political warfare with propaganda and deceitful language against the capitalist society they hate, and tactically work to destroy it through the war machine of Marxist ideology and ground strategies.

The scene is deeply rooted within a framework of programs teaching Marxism from the University of Texas at Austin; and stem from the building of an idea of a socialist utopia by the founder of the Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice, Bernard Rapoport. The Center also houses UT's Department of Economics. David Rapoport and Riva Feldman (parents to Bernard) were Jewish Russian immigrants arriving in 1908 and 1913 respectively. David was an anti-czarist who was arrested at the age of 17 and sentenced to hard labor in a Siberian camp and permanently exiled. He escaped and emigrated to San Antonio, Texas. David joined the Socialist Party advocating for a socialist utopia emphasizing concerns about injustices resulting from an unregulated capitalist economy. "Workers of the world unite" was a common slogan heard in Mr. Rapoport's speeches.

Bernard grew up in a politically charged environment of social justice causes and speeches.  Bernard's mother Riva instilled in him a dedication to learning and intellectual confidence. With limited financial resources, Bernard was taught the value of work and overcoming setbacks. Bernard used these lessons in becoming a very successful businessman and the founder of the Center at UT Austin. The Center has a long affinity for research and advocacy on refugee and immigrant worker's rights, human rights and U.S. foreign policy from which they migrate. The Center's commitment to being a "partner for change at the intersection of academics and advocacy" recreates the legacy of Bernard Rapoport's parents. Bernard states: "During my Childhood, my father taught me Marxism and hard work. My mother taught me to love learning. To know these simple facts is to know much about who I am and why I have led my life the way I have."

Bernard and his wife Audre established the Rapoport Foundation to support organizations in Israel, Waco and UT Austin. He founded the American Income Life Insurance Company and spread into labor and credit union markets making millions of dollars and forging strong relationships with the Democrat party including The Kennedys. Rapoport raised funds and donated to every single one of Bill Clinton's campaigns and was devoted to Hillary Clinton's presidential bid.

Bernard Rapoport and Bill Clinton

The Rapoports also supported the Jerusalem Foundation, Planned Parenthood and the local Austin publication The Texas Observer. Ann Richards appointed Rapoport to the UT System Board of Regents. Thereafter Rapoport established endowments for scholarships and chairs in economics and liberal arts and contributed to the Center named in his honor at the UT Campus. UT published a memoir entitled "Being Rapoport: Capitalist with a Conscience". Mr. Rapoport died in 2012.

The Texas Observer wrote that Rapoport submitted he was angry for supporting the magazine but continuted his loyal support for it as the "minister of irritance in Texas". The Observer also regards Rapoport for his reading of Marx and his belief that if capitalist wealth wasn't distributed, it wouldn't work.

Mr. Bernard Rapoport


Jumping forward to present year 2020, look closely at recent individuals and flyers found on the University of Texas at Austin's Campus regarding Socialism and Marxism that contain clear messages on what is being presented at the University:

The Marxist theory, history and its roadmap for revolution exists to supplement the ideologies of Red Guards and other revolutionary groups in Austin. While UT or its teachers cannot be held responsible for the violent acts of third parties, revolutionary acts have taken place right on campus and continue to spill out into the broader Austin community. Anarchist groups such as the Revolutionary Student Front and Autonomous have disbanded. However they have left their legacy on the internet and their members have regrouped. Autonomous and the Revolutionary Student Front engaged in a course of doxing Young Republicans Conservative groups, intimidation, harassment, and they admitted they looked for first year students who had "mental problems" as priority recruits. Revolutionary Student Front held one campus "people's court" trial that amounted to a public lynching, and were successful in getting University support for "toxic masculinity reeducation".  The Revolutionary Student front took a violent path viciously targeting and conducting vigilante lynch mob style punishments against professors they deemed rapists.  Richard A. Morrisett who was convicted of felony assault of his then girlfriend committed suicide after the targeting. 

The campaign looked like this:

Here are photos from Red Guards and affiliates in the Trump Age:

From 2018.

Fast forward to what Austin Red Guard looks like in 2020: