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PART I: Down The Rabbit Hole Of Drag Queen Story Time

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

February 12, 2019

Men dressing as women dates back centuries and has its roots in outdated gender roles. In theaters throughout the world, men often played female roles as women were once outlawed from performing on stage. The homosexual community has been a documented, hedonistic society since the time of the Greeks and the Romans who were notorious for group sex, pedophilia, and slavery. Islamic societies today still participate in slavery and pedophilia while the Catholic Church has a shameful history of criminal pedophilia. Bible stories are notorious with tales of cities burning into oblivion after the people fell into sodomy and same sex practices, pedophilia, and bestiality. Christian prophecy and teachings condemn homosexuality (1 Cor 6:9 Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men.) They proclaim that the greatest of ancient societies fell when the “lust of the eyes” ultimately turned to children rendering them to satanic ritual and sexual slavery.

Over the past three decades, gay relationships have made massive strides into the mainstream and public spaces such as pride parades, university studies, churches, television, film, politics, civil rights, equal protection in the workplace, and an overall voice and ease for living their lifestyle openly. On the opposite side of the fence, we are seeing traditional values of family, faith, our Constitution, and the building blocks of America being chipped away at, disrespected, and demonized on an alarming scale. The public is being inundated with a broken record narrative of diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and intersectionality.

Something else is happening in America that seems to reflect the form of a powerful religious triad with a fixed gaze on our children. First, is the industrial scale infanticide business of Planned Parenthood’s celebrated late term abortion and after-birth termination of babies sweeping the nation. Second, the gender fluidity narrative bearing down on kids is being glamorized by Hollywood and the main stream media. This is manifesting itself out of New York with young Desmond Napoles who is an exploited, flamboyant, erotic child at center stage of a huge movement of parents who let their children choose an opposite gender or to be non-binary; and wealthy celebrities are reported to be paying for sex changing therapies before the child reaches the legal age of adulthood and can make an informed choice. Third in the triad we can find the provocative “Drag Queen Story Time” blazing a trail across the US with a fixated gaze on the youngest of the young for same-sex indoctrination beneath a charade of teaching them to not be bullies and to accept all types of people no matter what they look like or how they live. It’s all good! The public response is a dangerous cocktail that has ignited the right and particularly the outraged religious right.

The “Diverse and Inclusive” Mission of DQSH

The Mission Statement on the official Drag Queen Story Hour website is to teach children to embrace gender diversity in themselves and in others and helps to curb bullying of LGBTQ children and kids who may be perceived as different in all kinds of ways. DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids can see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress-up is real. They further go on to say that DQSH encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and embrace unfettered exploration of self. It is a global program focusing on museums, libraries and community spaces. The US boasts currently 21 US chapters and lists Sweden, Tokyo, and Puerto Rico on the splash page. They are on Facebook and Twitter.\

We are inundated with the global agenda terms: Intersectionality, inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity. All vague and ambiguous terms on their own, but if you so much as raise an eyebrow these days, the left will brand you a bigot, a very unambiguous term. How powerful is the language of left? The LGBTQ community states that the Christian right does not want the Drag community to have access to public spaces. Another vague statement not based in reality or fact. Drag Queens have access to all sorts of venues that host adult entertainers. The issue is whether a public library is an appropriate space for adult exhibitionist entertainers, aka Drag Queens, to entertain a young and impressionable audience. DQSH is being championed by the American Library Association and receiving financial support for events. What if we have some real historical sex education and bring in performance troupes that can reenact a Roman sex orgy, or worse. Caligula Story Hour? Are we going there next? It is a stretch I know but we can ask the question, where do we draw the line?

There are many moral questions here. Say that you are a Christian who passionately feels that homosexuality is wrong and evil, yet that argument must fall on its face in the wake of human rights and the pressure of acceptance that the LGBTQ community has fought so hard for. Same sex relationships are here to stay. They are human beings with jobs and are productive members of the community. As community activists they raise millions of dollars for AIDS, focus on same-sex health and well-being, and they support one another. Fabulous! We need all of that we can get. However, some of the most extreme and flamboyant minority of these are into broadcasting their sexuality, exhibitionism and promiscuity, big time. It is who they are and the drag queens at their very core embody wild, erotic personas and fantasy lifestyles. Therefore, are erotic, flamboyant, exhibitionist adult performers in the public library teaching young impressionable children about “inclusiveness and diversity” really what is going on? Is liking harmless sparkly things, dressing up, playing with puppets, dancing and having a good time all it is, or are they also indoctrinating and sexualizing children?

The drag queens have their own exclusive environments where adult entertainment is expected. It is perfectly reasonable to object to drag queens in your public library promoting their lifestyle to your young children. Object, however, and you will be immediately branded a bigot. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines bigotry as one who has strong unreasonable beliefs AND who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life. Okay, so drag queens have a different belief system and a different way of life but is it unreasonable and bigotry to object to that lifestyle? It goes both ways. This author makes the offering that Drag is artistic. Libraries support artistic endeavors, but Drag is a sexual artistic endeavor is it not? The artist becomes the art. The dancer becomes the dance. The gay actor who choses Drag as their art becomes the Queen. Is this adult endeavor and lifestyle appropriate to teach to children that it mustbe accepted beyond a mere tolerance that it exists in society? We can teach them to not bully, but acceptance should be decided in one’s own time. Don’t go. Don’t take your kids. Raise your objections. You have the right to object to the bigot-branding from supremacists who set that bar for everyone who may not like their choices.

The Houston Scene

If the drag queen has a public sexual life on Twitter and Facebook and openly promotes bondage and sadomasochism, poses in sexual costumes, holds meetups and parties for sexual play, is it then okay for that same drag queen to read to kids in the public library? I don’t think that is going to work out very well. The typical “Friends of the Library” donors are not going to want to have anything to do with it. Citizens wrote letters across the US and comment in opposition to the DQSH: “How about a reenactment of a medieval public hanging or a Huns’ invasion! Now that would be some education!” “How far is this gender thing at the library going to go?” We are going to look at some of the people behind the story times around the country and how “diverse” that can be.

In the early afternoon of January 26, 2019, a group of drag queen organizers by the name of “Space City Sisters” and a self-described queer band, “Space Kiddettes”, organized a story time reading session at the Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Public Library in Houston, Texas. The event page addressed issues the group faced at events earlier in 2018 for the Drag Queen Story Time reading where different organizations and citizens showed up to object to the event. The event page details touted the “Space City Sisters will be out with other groups to help support Drag Queen Story Time and make the families and children feel welcome and not experience the hate from protesters.” Meet the protective, on-a-mission, Space City Sisters:

All photos obtained from websites and content made public by the indivduals .

The Space City Sisters’ founders and current members are, clockwise from left, Sister Kitty Lickentwat, Sister Sneakin’ da’Bone, Sister Jeff, Sister Candice B. Love, and Sister Gin Tervention. (Ashkan Roayaee)

The Space City Sisters are a part of a national organization called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who are openly devoted to promiscuity and everyone’s right to express their unique joy. They are an elaborate, theatrical and flamboyant “ministry” of queer nuns advocating for human rights for the LGBTQ community and for the exposure of those who reject them as a force of bigotry.

Here is a video from the San Diego chapter preparing for an event.

Space kiddettes posted in Facebook that Carmina Vavra and Regina Blake Debois will make an appearance at the library. Vavra and Debois are drag actors. Debois is the winner of Miss Gay Texas 2018. Debois was set to read The Armadillo’s Dream at the library. The book is also produced as a play by the Houston Grand Opera.

The book is written by Dennis Arrowsmith, Touring Program Manager of the Houston Grand Opera featured here below with Regina Debois:

Ryan Barrett is Regina Debois and Mr. Arrowsmith is shown above at an outdoor LGBTQ event.

Digging into individual social media posts for members of the Space City Sisters Houston group and their associates, we found talk about sex, drinking, and posts containing memes and sexual content and perversions not suitable for children. Erotica is in full display in their internet conversations and websites.

"Novice Sister Sneakin’ da’Bone"

From the website: "Sister Sneakin’ da’Bone has been involved with the LGBTQ+ community for over 10 years. He has a passion for helping those in need and building a stronger community. Over the years Sneakin’ was a huge asset in helping grow the Houston Pride Festivities into downtown and putting Houston on the map for LGBT Pride Celebrations. He’s actively involved the leather and kink community. Not only is he a sister but also invoked with Bayou City Pups. He is passionate about helping other non-profits expand, grow, and help reach their full potential. His first run into with another Sister was at Austin Pride in 2013 and he wanted to know who and what the white face nuns were doing at the event. Once he learned more, that’s when he started digging to find out why Houston didn’t have one and set out to change it."

"Novice Sister Jenna Say-Quoi"

"Sister Jenna Say-Quoi embodies the Ho in HOPE and J.O.s to JOY! A transplant to Houston, with roots in Florida and a speckled past in NYC, this tri-state, bipolar, Mono inclined hooker with a heart of gold has always been cum-unity oriented by focusing on outreach, education, and fundraising. With VIP access to multiple clinics, sexual health advocacy and acceptance are always topics literally near and dear to Jenna and various AIDS Walks have benefited from her efforts. Lobbying with the ACLU good-touched Jenna at an early age, sparking concerns for the trans community, homeless LGBTQ youth, and senior community integration/involvement, all marginalized groups her current missionary works will prioritize assisting. Always upbeat, or else asleep, Jenna encourages you to live by her Vedic mantra, “If in doubt, put out… your best.”


Some of the Houston group activities include puppy fetish sexual play that is compared to being light and less intense than the BDSM kink and leather groups. Normally organizers hosting events for children filter sexual exploits and content, if any, on their public figure pages, but the Houston group are all about it-doggy style.

Fisting Elmo is a popular activity:

One of the main organizers for the library events is "Keto" on social media:

Dog-Penis anal plugs prominently displayed on social media:

These groups by all appearances are a very loving, supportive community, yet they are politicized because whomever opposes their sexuality, whomever is not tolerant and inclusive of their style of diversity, is a bigot and a hater and publicly branded the bad guy. This is one extremely effective narrative of the left, and they have press on their side.

Houston conservative radio show host Doc Greene went to the library event donning his White House Press Pass to observe the event. He had earlier been to the library and raised his objections. Upon arriving the second time, Greene was met by a team of Houston police, given a trespassing notice by the librarian and told he could not enter the building. When Greene pressed for definitive answers on what law was being enforced to keep him out, he was escorted from the library, hands cuffed behind his back and detained in a squad car. The police told him they were not going to let him out because he “might say something”. While in the car, Greene became overly stressed and was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance complaining of chest pains. In response, Debois played the dramatic victim card calling Greene a monster with a gun. Leftist gay journalists including Out Smart Magazine who had earlier put the Sisters on their cover, launched several hit pieces on Greene that were full of flagrant misrepresentations smearing him as a dangerous bigot.

Others Standing In "Solidarity" With The Queens

The next event scheduled at the Houston Montrose Library for February 23, 2019 is set to be a bigger protest as local Communist, Marxist and Socialist organizations have joined and are sure to drive more political controversy as the two sides prepare to stand off.

Now that Drag Queen Story Hour has hit the public library circuit creating paid performance opportunities, we will look at some others around the country.

John Kane of Toronto

Do drag queens belong in the public Library? According to John Kane they do. John is a kindergarten teacher in Toronto who doubles as a flamboyant drag queen. Kane states that he hopes that he and the DQ community can turn the children into evangelists for the cause of transgenderism and other non-binary forms of self-definition. Gender fluidity seems to be positioned as a form of supremacy masquerading as personal truth. So, it isn’t just about “costumes and playing dress up”. Everything signifies something at its core. Why would any artist go out there and not invoke his/her own message, his/her own spirituality and ideology? Why does this new movement want to erase gender? How does a genderless person find spirituality? How do they find meaning and purpose? What is the point? Where is this going? John states that children can be the best teachers for his message and his mission.

LGBTQ life is not an easy one. There are plenty of problems with families changing sexes, changing from heterosexual relationships to same sex relationships while children are still in the home, problems with girl and boyfriends, but that is for another article. With this idea in mind, many citizens are concerned with children being charmed by this presentation and enchanted into falling into a gay lifestyle. Drag Queen Story Hour can easily be construed to be the gateway to child same sex indoctrination through display of light erotica. Sexual clowns, if you will. Sexual identity is the lens through which they see the world, and it is their priority to expand the tribe. Since this community still feels limited in finding environments that they feel comfortable in, some have adopted an aggressive supremacist attitude with which to lambaste all of society into their view of what diversity is and how it must be universally accepted. DQSH opens the door for sex talk between parents and very young children, and it opens the door for experimentation as dress-up playtime is often a part of the event.

Long Beach Fantasy Drag Queen Story Time

At the Michele Obama library in Long Beach California, we find this:

The erotic devil queen with the red tipped horns on the left reading to the little children is in cosplay mode invoking Warhammer’s Slaanesh, the chaos god of lust, greed, excess, pain, pleasure, perfection and hedonism. Slaa meaning "ecstasy", "pleasure", etc, Neth meaning "lord of", "master of", or "prince of"; hence, the Prince of Pleasure. Worshippers typically wear jewelry that bears erotic motifs. Slannesh has armies and exotic, beautiful, and extremely violent demons, and this character and its realm are complex and interpretive. Once again, it is not “just about costumes”. This drag queen, however, describes herself as a killer clown from outer space.


Desmond Napoles aka Desmond is Amazing is the founder of the first ever drag house for youth. He is a LGBT advocate, street performer, icon, etc. etc. He is already an outstanding child model and having wrapped his arms around flamboyant costumes and the darling of the LGBTQ New York fashion world. Provocative, erotic play?


There will always be a division between members of the Christian right and the gay community. Some members of the public, both religious and not, do not want this in the public library paid for with taxes. Some of the donors to the Houston Grand Opera, upon discovering the controversy, have threatened to withdraw their support if their actors continue. When was the last time you went to the library and there was a loud rock band? Never, most likely. It is really that simple. The public has the right to object based on the sexual nature of the lifestyle the drag queens represent and engage in, in their own private lives. This is who they are. They may say it is just about costuming, but that is a fraudulent misrepresentation because it is a whole lot more complex than just playing dress-up. Some honesty is in order here because there are very young, impressionable, innocent children involved. The drag queens involved in the story time library events appear to be artists living the lives they have chosen. The gay community already have access to public spaces in which to gather, display their erotic art and pride. The concerned public would simply like to keep the erotica to the venues that are appropriate. One must ask a fair question of how appropriate is it for a bunch of dudes who are into doggy butt sex, kink, and leather BDSM to be teaching kids in the library? It is just that simple, and the tolerance aspect is starting to appear more like greed (one of the seven deadly sins).  Evidently, that is also acceptable if your motto is to “go forth and sin more”.

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