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The Cost of Activism

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

By Lauren Comele Morris


March 2021

Activism is a bloodsucking hardcore passion not designed for glory or profit. It is a citizen’s duty when the country you love is at war.

A Lonely, Costly Job ~ A Necessary Evil

Activism requires blood and treasure, and a strong constitution. Thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and unlimited resources. You train and study. If your thing is national security, then you track foreign and domestic enemies, read their literature, learn their ways. You immerse yourself in enemy ideologies and ground movements, political and information warfare. You seek out the best authorities and teachers. You research, investigate, analyze mountains of information, and write. You watch and listen to the analyses of scholars, military personnel, security operatives and those with personal experience-worldwide. You document your findings. You give speeches, travel, start social media groups, lead protests, drive internet campaigns and square off with sometimes hundreds of Antifa, or have lunch with members of Hamas. You evolve. You show up and try to remain cheerful, not angry. You are devoted to being accurately informed, and you want to be effective and have as much impact on others as you can. You make allies. Your most powerful actions must be kept entirely private and you increase your security. You certainly do not put photos of your children up on Facebook. There is a lonely, daily cost of this work. We must do it alone with no promise of accolades or reward other than the satisfaction of one’s own work. You toast yourself to your victories and you celebrate alone. You are a necessary evil of sorts. You must be fine with that.

You take photos and make films because you want to counter false political narratives, unfair targeting of groups, labels and lies about citizens, cancel culture, and expose the enemy infiltrators, the imposters, the usurpers, the thieves and liars. You give media interviews to a tragically dishonest press. You make educational videos and podcasts, and attend countless meetings. You operate business models geared toward exposing and stopping crime and corruption and alternatively, promote liberty and the preservation of your basic human rights. You call out the enemy and you tell people that their ideas are wrong, dangerous and immoral, and you stand your ground. You spread integrity and truth. The more you learn, the closer the enemy becomes and you have to balance all of the emotions that go along with that. You will become more powerful, brave, and you will become a leader.

You Will Lose Friends Who Simply Cannot Bear the Slightest Discomfort, But You Will Gain a Powerful Army!

You will leave behind weak and willingly oblivious friends and family members whom you no longer can assist or coddle, leaving them to their petty gossip and sensitivities, their overblown romanticism of their own thoughts, and ignorant wallows. No longer will you have to squirm and grin through hours of sharing cat behaviors, mundane job horrors, or self-serving and bland artistic pursuits. You will increase your personal security measures, train in survival and weapons tactics, beef up your reserves. You will learn to brush off the attacks on your character, because you are hunting the enemy others pretend does not exist. You understand The War. Ultimately, the wisdom gained is a priceless treasure that no one can remove. While some family members have not been along on your path, do not understand or share in your victories or losses, the adventures, or the reasons why, you will leave a legacy. But to be understood, you must write.

Activism is not meant to be a profitable adventure, nor is it meant for glory, nor should it be. Wanting credit and respect is perfectly normal and it should be granted. Blowing your own horn is a necessary tactic. However, a desire for glory and fame is disingenuous in the end, and is not always a measure of success. How many likes or follows you get is not a measure of community if it is without loyalty. Fans are made when you return their attention. While high profile activists make a bigger impact and money is absolutely necessary to winning, there is a high price to pay. Tread carefully and check your ego. One's feelings may not be the facts.

Public opposition against very determined enemies out to destroy our country is war. It is hard, frustrating, messy and lonely. You argue with your companions over methods. There are bad behaviors, sabotages, back stabbers, gossipers, and enemy infiltrators. You must have the will to bear some discomfort and understand that people will disappoint you and you will make mistakes. You will say things you wish you had not have said, or your tone may be angry. You should be your own worst critic and analyze your posturing and presentations. You must be strategic and think ahead, plan carefully and execute with impact and precision. You must have staying power and passion and gather strength from others. Above all, you must deliver your message and intelligence with the right demeanor and have strict standards of truth and integrity.

While we may be experiencing a Holy War, history and logic dictate that God may not be planning a miraculous, prophetic event to save America. One cannot pray for the garbage piles to miraculously clean themselves. One must live in the physical existence and take measures. We must realize that enemies also have a God and firmly believe everyone but them is an evil to be utterly destroyed. Their faith is strong and they are dominating the ground. Winning enemies do not sleep. Good people fall as easy prey to their slick narratives of humanity and inclusion. It is a lie. Knowing that lie is why you are being physically targeted, digitally assassinated, destroyed and humiliated.

Americans today are not used to Revolution and having their freedoms threatened. Many are not willing to be inconvenienced even to make a phone call, publish an opinion or fact, investigate enemies, write letters, or run for public office. This is a hard truth.

They are Already Conceding Saying "We Cannot Win"!

How Easily They Throw up Their Hands

Many have not seen this coming and those activists who have been early to the front lines lighting the beacons or ringing the bell towers are cheaply called “Fearmonger”, or told “Don’t say anything negative”! It has taken a pandemic and a forced mask mandate, loss of one’s job or business, and the devastating losses to our children's schools, institutions and culture, limits on our movements, radical sex education, genital mutilation of children, child gender reassignment, and actual imminent danger of losing our constitutional rights and liberties forever, for people to look around and realize we really do have a Communist problem. Portland burns, again.

Biden’s Presidency Will Not Quiet a Revolution Weaved Into Our Nation's Fabric

The Page is Turned

One Person Can Impact Thousands of People

Let Your Children Know You Fought

Those who stand will be the ones remembered in history. We will be the ones they write about. What we stood for, who we were, and what we did in one of the most chaotic and incredible times in our country. We experienced it, in the blast zone, and we did not ever look away.

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2 commentaires

23 mars 2021

It would seem that our communist adversaries have little or nothing to lose. that makes them very dangerous, but there is a flipside to that coin. Those of us that decided to work, reject victimhood/entitlement culture and actually harness the blessings of liberty that America provides to better ourselves have a lot to lose. you could call that a liability. You could say we are more likely to capitulate because we dont want to lose what we have built with our hands or minds or blood and tears. I say im willing to die to prevent the overthrow of the land of the free to the fake woke mob. They have nothing to offer but misery and debasement. i am…

04 avr. 2021
En réponse à

Excellent response. We must be flexible and stand our ground. Our youth need strong leaders who know right from wrong.

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