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PART III Houston's Drag Queen Story Hour Strikes Out

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

We here at Lincoln Press have been deeply involved in the Houston Drag Queen Story Hour scandal. We have worked closely with Mass Resistance in research, live protests, press, and social media. The Mass Resistance team has worked tirelessly to successfully expose the lies and corruption of a colluding force attacking Houston's children at the Freed Montrose Library. Mass Resistance uncovered not one, but two convicted sex offenders who were reading to and interacting with children at the Library. This was done right under the nose of an unaware public when Montrose failed to conduct background checks. The Montrose Library was exposed for their lack of integrity and irresponsibility in children's programing by failing to vet the biological men dressed in drag. Even after the exposure of the sex offenders, and other adult sex workers and performers involved in DQSH, Montrose defended the program that had advertised these convicted sex offenders and sex workers reaching out directly to Houston's Space City Sisters. The Mayor of Houston and Montrose supported the Queens in a move to a local church thereby ratifying continued access to the children.

Some of the Queens in the story hour project in the above photo, have publicly and proudly admited to plans and goals of child sexual indoctrination through the targeting of lenient parents. DQSH was promoted as a harmless song, dance, and dress up event with the purpose of instilling a love for reading in children. Underneath, one purpose was to start a dialog of acceptance of gender and gay issues between unaware parents eager to be diverse and inclusive, and their questioning children. 

The protesting Houston public was brutally shamed with a media blitz campaign and the use of Houston's police force. The Queens claimed they were frightened and claimed that anyone against them and their lifestyle were bigots and worse.

We all need to understand fully the powerful danger and effectiveness of this inclusive and diverse narrative. We have reached a point wherein if you do not accept whatever snake oil the left is selling, you are branded a bad person and will fall under a number of titles such as bigot, homophobe, whatever phobe is trendy at the moment. The leftist tactics of shaming citizens who object to the sexualization of children is as vulgar a war tactic as any in the current climate. As for Houston, the leftist diverse and inclusive narrative infiltrating the Houston public library system has crashed and burned.

Tex Christopher of Mass Resistance called one high profile Queen at the center of this issue, Blackberri, "lewd" right to his face on camera during a conversation. This type of activisim needs to catch fire nationwide.  We must be strong and speak out, make objections, and fight for what we believe is right. We must not shy from confrontation just because the left is a loud barking dog.  Interestingly, Blackberri received more than his share of shame over the Houston issue as his face was plastered all over the main stream and alternative media everytime the pedophile issue came up in broadcast. Blackberri was not the convicted sex offender. Blackberri was however, involved in his own public displays of sexual lewdness. Adult entertainers have their own venues where sexual stage acts and cos play is expected and accepted. The public library system just simply is not the venue system for adult sex entertainers who also display their provocative BDSM activities all over social media.

In the end, to date, the Queens and the Library have stated that they are discontinuing the story time after "waves of abuse and hate by bigots, homophobes and an armed man". This is the victim stance they will take. Not, that they are being furriously objected to for trying to indoctrinate children. The Queens view themselves as good people with good intentions. They do not see their lifestyle as lewd. In the end, the truth came out in this story when two convicted pedophiles were exposed. There was a great deal of colateral damage in the Houston Queen community no doubt as their groups were collectively cast onto the biggest stage and under the brightest spotlight they most likely have ever had. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence wanted attention, these dudes  who look like ladies . . . they got it.

DQSH is free to have reading time on their own turf and within their own community. DQSH should not be at the tax payer's expense and it should not be weaponized by city officials for political reasons.  

As the lights go out at the Freed Montrose Library in Houston for Drag Queen Story Hour, let it be known that raising an objection these days to leftist organizations who work in tandem is a real fight. It takes a lot of sand to stand your ground as an activist. Let this be a lesson to Houston's Mayor as well, that being inclusive and welcoming can be a huge trap, and great will be the fall thereof. Congratulations to Tracy Shannon and the team at Mass Resistance on their victory, well done.

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